Best Company for life insurance for us in the Active Andrew

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by flynavy, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. Am about to depart to a hot and dusty environment where the occasional mortar and suicide bomber hangs out.

    Therefore I am wanting to get some life insurance so the Mrs can go on living the lifestyle she is used to if I kick it.

    I had a look at the Service life insurance leaflets that are kicking around at work but they only cover you if you die or receive a terminal illness and not for anything in between!

    does anyone know if PAX have a website or is their any company that people recommend that covers us in a warzone. tried the forces financial at top of page but they have listed the wrong phone number on their site and some irate taxi company are getting peeved off with service people ringing them asking for quotes!
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  3. As of 2004, the only campany that covers death in action was NAAFI insurance. If this has changed, I will of course wind my neck in.
  4. MD of Forces Financial is Al Voice - tel no 01722 342 518 (but dont tell him I told you so)

    [email protected]
  5. Re: Best Company for life insurance for us in the Active And

    Link to Forces Financial Life Cover page:

    Click Here

    Includes cover against Terrorism, NBC warfare and hot dusty places.
  6. PAX!!

    I don't think they are NAFFI insurance

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