Best Christmas in the Mob

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by w.anchor, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. For me it was in Abadan Iran about 1967 H.M.S Zulu can you believe we used to train them then.
  2. Invincible in Malta in '93. Best OOD duty in the grey funnel line!
  3. This one's shaping up to be pretty good,

    1130 and I've already had 4 glasses of mulled wine, Christmas lunch in an hour.... could get messy...
  4. Crash drafted to Bahrain 2001, full subbies, top apartment, spent the night with the rest of the boys and girls, in fiddlers Irish bar. Should have been 1 in 2 at sea! winner.
  5. MPA 89. I missed the storms in Europe and had to put up with a BBQ in shorts and T-shirt on Christmas Day. It seemed like all of MPA was on a mass pissex.
  6. Strangely enough, I really enjoyed mine in the HQ at Basrah Airport in 2003. Eating various bits of Multi National nosh ( Dutch, Italian and Lithuanian), watching Scrooge on DVD and modelling the shemaghs Comd Med had given us all.
  7. Christmas '83 off Lebanon, we spent Crimbo day and Boxing Day in Limassol, and also New Years Eve and New Years Day to give is a break from patrolling
    off the coast of war torn Lebanon.
    I seem to recall the duty watch of all departments being mustered on the jetty to drag Fearless forward so that a cruise liner could berth astern of us. I never realised I was so strong :lol:
  8. 2002 on HMS Anglesey. Was a good laugh!
    The others were ok but not as good

    I did do 4 Christmas duties in a row and not volunteered lol
  9. HMS Coventry, 1997 - Alongside Dubai - What a Crimbo
  10. Has to be 1997, Barbados, Christmas dinner was a barbeque on the beach, fantastic!!!
  11. Simonstown 1964 on London :thumright: :rendeer:
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Snap 21 Man, except that for me the treat was a bod who joined the Navy with me standing on the jetty watching us berth. He had transferred to the SAN and invited me up homers for Christmas. I did not realise until later that his family lived in Johannesburg and he wanted a second driver for the 1800+ mile round trip - in a Peugeot with a leaking radiator (as we discovered en route) which he bought the afternoon that we set off. 'Never rains in the Karoo old boy'. It did, and how, coming back 'Bit of rain old boy, you should be used to that'. Fortunately he had picked up a hithchiker so we had two males to heave this ailing crate out of the ditch. So I saw S Africa after a fashion (most of the driving was in the dark).

    I had another Xmas in Simonstown in '67 which was good - but not as good as that one. Better than Malta in '59 and MILES better than Aden in '56 which place has truly been rated the ar#e hole of the Empire. Berthed there in a sandstorm and it got steadily less likeable from there on. Locals - 'Nasser good, you wanna buy fountain pen?' Xmas dinner using Egyptian & UN flags as the tablecloth. Anyway, joined Navy, saw world.
  13. Every Xmas has been good as i havent been duty or at sea for any of them :)
  14. You've either not been in that long or your a very lucky person - fair play to ya!
  15. At Gannet, left to work our own routine supposed to be 24hr about, did a straight week got an extra week off & still managed to get pissed.
    Going for breakkie & getting Gin & Orange off the duty chef.

    happy dayz
  16. In the early seventies just off Mombasa during the Rhodesia Blockade in Forth Spent the afternoon in the mess having a teaparty with the best silver tea service but with Gin instead of Tea.
    Invited up homers in Nairobi for the New Year . Fabulous
  17. Last Christmas was my best ever in the mob. I was duty Christmas day and New years day. I didnt have to suffer opening crap presents, my mother in law, slobbering ugly relatives, whineing kids, whingeing wife, fcuking turkey, weak beer, the Queens speech, crap telly, insincere celebrities, arguments, and getting told off for farting in company.

  18. 1996 in the gulf on one of the carriers - forget which one. turn too at 04 double bubble to haul live amraams down the deck. i think we had christmas on the 27th
  19. Agree with tr :thanks: :thanks:

    Pure bliss -----1971 16 hours notice pierhead jump December 19th .Gave the Mrs the cheque book and came back March 1972 .

    Happy Days

    :nemo: :nemo:
  20. On Boxer, Gulf trip 98/99. Afternoon watch in the SCC as COW, as press "apparently due on board" had to wear anti flash correctly. Made eating me cheese and onion baguette most difficult! Was absolutely sorted though when the old man cancelled Christmas day and we had "Boxmas day" in Dubai 3 days later, Seamans Mission and lots of tins of Fosters by the pool!
    First Xmas in the mob was at sea on Superb on a Xmas "sneakie", treated myself to a wank down the bombshop on Christmas day!!!

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