Best brothel/trapping pub

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. Best one I went to was the Golden Moon in Mauritius.

    Absolute minging place but only 10 rupees for a leg over.

    You had to swim to the urinals to use them as they were overflowing.

    Cant think of the name of the one in Mombasa.

    All the girls were 'students' working their way through uni.
  2. Bruce's Guest House and Inn - Antigua. No. that's really what it called itself.

    She even had piccies of her kids on the sideboard - made me feel a bit uneasy.
  3. Momba's was the sunshine bar or the Florida club.

    Sunshine bar was cheap and cheerful (20p a [email protected]). But the florida club was the upmarket place. A room and all nighters coud be nearly a quid.

    To get your taks book signed off you had to see "sunrise at the florida Club"

    Happy days
  4. Not the best, but will always remember the last. Varna, Bulgaria, surprisingly good run-ashore, but apart from Gib on the way home I knew it was my last run from a pusser's war canoe.

    Wasn't going to bother, but last night in called in the 'pub outside the dockyard'. and the temptation was too great. Had no ickies left so scrounged them off an oppo (cheers Ian) and did a lovely little minx in one of the traps. Wanted to take her home I did.

    As for trapping pub/club, I really can't see Boobs ever being surpassed. Easier than a brothel.
  5. Gaiety Bar on South Parade Pier during the season, rig run in there and you could take your pick.
  6. 8) Not bad;but what was the bar on Clarance Pier with the organ :?: : it was take your pick in the season. :wink: I never failed in "Squiers" Preston 8)
  7. Pretty much any pub/bar or brothel in the Far East
  8. Keep it local fellas, been all over Africa, Caribbean, Middle East, but the easiest place to pull for fuck all dib dobs is THE TWIGS, Union Street Plymouth. Right of Passage for all proper matelots, waking up in Budeaux/Efford/Laira with the stench of janner bird on you face and hands, looking at her kid's mickey mouse alarm clock and realising you're not going to make both watches.
  9. You forgetting texas bar.
  10. Rauls rose Garden Belize Whores were ugly but the rum and cokes just kept on flowing.
  11. Never was a Guzz rating Mac apart from Raleigh, Fife called in on our way back from Med patrol and the only place I remember was the Black Cat strip club.
  12. So few words. Such a familiar image. Thank you angry.

  13. The Fillidelfia Bar was cosier :oops:
  14. Never a problem for me.

    usualy got woke up about 6:30 with the 2 year old still in her room (other 6 kids where in the other room) wanting a drink.

    maybe "shut up I'm [email protected] your mam again" was a bit harsh. But it did the trick and didn't seem to be the first time they heard it
  15. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The Scorpion, or Scabs, in Catterick Garrison was the type of place where you would have had to look like the Elephant Mans twin brother not to have pulled. It was heaving with munters gagging for squaddie hampton. That was where i learned that you shouldn't pull a woman with a bigger cock than yours. In keeping with the tradition it once held as a place of chavs, it is now an Aldi.
  16. There was one in Hamburg which was a converted Multi-Story car park, tells you where the money is!
  17. I think in Rod's day it would more likely be the Copacabana or the Nelson bar. But knowing what a slut he is he probably just did it in the "K" boats.

    Or the street :D :wink:
  18. Eros Centre.

    So I'm told.
  19. Fcuk Belize, woke up ther one morning, and the spider on the bed was bigger that the bird. :twisted: :evil:
    Better looking as well :roll: :wink:
  20. The Black Angus - if what you wanted wasn't there, they'd import it !!

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