Best and worst


Lantern Swinger
Some old barracks in Condor as a cadet. God they were old and terrible. The booties where however kind ebnough to leave a large amount of naughty mags for us to find. oh and the dvd! But no player for us to use it on.

Caledonia is great as is Bristol at whale island. At least for a cadet it was. We got to go home to mummy after a week or two!

Food at altcar was muck though hopefully as an army range i will never have to return as a matlot.


War Hero
HMS Mercury Wardroom. Fantastic. Old Stately home with massive staircase. At weekends only 6-7 of us Junior Officers around and fun place to be. Food top line, staff all been there since Noah laid his keel and treated you like their own children. Lovely gardens and all in all great place.

HMS Nelson WR - Depressing soulless place with nothing happening. And it is in DSC.
Joint best, has to be for me Ganges and Mercury. Although the food at

Mercury was bloody awful before they stopped the TOT, it really got a lot

better afterwards. (This was mainly because the lads suddenly realised

what they had been eating and started to complain).

Joint worst, Excellent and Pembroke. Crap food, crap messes and crap



HMS Terror....accom not bad, the scran is the best I ever had in the mob, apart from the usual choice of 2 meat dishes, 1 fish and misc you had the curry bar and everyones favorite, the omelette bar, AND you got duff at supper time aswell as dinner, all cooked by LEP's, this, in probably the best barracks for facilities anywhere in the world.
dog_watch_fade said:
Joint worst, Excellent and Pembroke. Crap food, crap messes and crap

Well, you were probably having food cooked by trainee cooks :lol:

Had some very good runs when I was there (easy travelling distance to the Maidstone discos, the coast and the Smoke), but then I was ship's coy - were you ships accomodated by any chance ?


Lantern Swinger
Got to agree about Pembroke food absolutly dire. You got curried breakfast for lunch and god knows what for supper. I never ate there in the evening it was so bad. The accommodation was crap as well, Duncan Block with the whole ships company in it (HMS Plymouth), no central heating and it was the middle of winter. Have to agree about Terror as well it was brilliant. The food was excellent and even the blocks, although old, were in good nick. (Funny they didn't have central heating either) Have to say in the UK the best shore base I had was Cochrane.


Lantern Swinger
Best. SHAPE Belgium. Food for Brits cooked by RAF, good accommdation and a duty free Senior Rates Club with good week-end entertainment organised by the Yanks.


Best: Furse House - not many males can say they lived there, spent a couple of months there in '82

Worst: Gloom Hill, Mercury, too far from anywhere

Harry1 said:
Pembroke food absolutely dire. I never ate there in the evening it was so bad. The accommodation was crap as well, Duncan Block with the whole ships company in it (HMS Plymouth), no central heating and it was the middle of winter.
The 1st time I was there, was to pay the Lincoln off. I'll never forget going to supper one evening and on the counter were fried eggs (swimming in grease) and cabbage, that was it, nothing else. Came back years later, when the Hermione was coming out of refit and the food had not improved one jot.


War Hero
They were all beyond reproach as far as I was concerned. Mouth watering meals prepared to order by skilful and dedicated cooks, and served at any time one required - but then I was always Wardroom victualled, and, being officers' cooks, we tended to look after our own scran.
On a more serious note, Hornet in the early 50's left a great deal to be desired. The accommodation was thin walled sectional concrete huts that had been thrown up during the war, filled to overflowing with past their best bunk beds in serried rows with just about enough space between each pair to fit two lockers, one above t'other. One small smokey coal fired stove in the middle of the mess sufficed for central heating, and the communal showers were a 50 yard dash along the perpetually gale ridden foreshore. Turning out for morning watch in Winter was pure joy.
As previously mentioned, Terror and Mercury were among the best, but RAF Halton (quite apart from the fact that it was the RAF nurses' training establishment) took some beating for all round home comforts!



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The Crabs at Wroughton were most hospitable.

Brunch on a W/E, got up when you felt like it bimbled down the galleyand helped you self, or if totaly ham fisted the duty Chef would do it for you.

Never any moans, grips or drips and the food was better than any pussers establishment.

People gripe about Pembroke scran but it was better than Ganges when we went there for a couple of days, we all went for seconds


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Worst - Cunningham-Fraser in Drake in the latter half of 2006. It was a building site, and I'm not using a simile, merely stating fact. There were demolition works going on all around, on the floors directly above and below, in the cabin next door (which contained access to one of those rather natty rubble chutes - God that was noisy), which was windowless (in that the windows had been removed) and had a constant stream of blokes with dirty boots traipsing in and out. They even worked weekends. The place was full of dust, as you can imagine, the heating was erratic, the water and electric was often cut without warning, there were only a handful of toilets and bathrooms left functional, the fire exits were locked shut (for safety and security reasons!) The fact that we were put in there was a disgrace, and whoever project-managed the transfer of cabins should be ashamed of the way in which they handled it. I only wish I had complained about it more vociferously at the time.


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worst accom Gannet - lived in mizzen huts during the 70s, the crabs had there own special accomadation built & the wrens lived ashore until the new accom was built.

best scran - Gannet small numbers to cook for so always good, chrimbo dinner was the dogs.

Worst scran - Gannet when the PO caterer bought loads of compo after the falklands every meal was compo until the new jimmy walked in.
The Caterer lost his rate & drafted the following day. Fearless in roughers Hot metal platters potmess & ice cream by the time you sat down it was all running into each other (happy days) :)


Best - Anywhere in Canada. Stayed in transit accom 3 times and always had at least 2 double beds, fridge, microwave and a bathroom to make the hilton jealous. And thats all in a single cabin.

Worst - Anywhere here in comparison!
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