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Best and worst run ashores

Best ? = I enjoyed them all really, some more so than others.
Worst ? = Hong Kong - got peed, argued strongly with the Redcap Patrol, disrated, debadged - not a good visit that time :cry:


War Hero
They're all good, its just that some are better than others, but if I have to choose-

Best: San Diego
Worst: Auckland ( after six visits in the one year)

Best Aust: Hobart
Worst Aust: Perth


Lantern Swinger
Maxi_77 said:
pingbosun said:
NO, I never ever had a bad run ashore, Sorry!!! ,if you have had a bad run ashore you can only blame yourself matelol.


I know what you mean, but their are places where it is less easy. :(

Aye Peter.

There are some places that you have to liven up yourself with the help of your mates, but normally Jack could have a ball , in a Nunnery, not that I've ever been in one lol



War Hero
Corfu 1993 (missed the ship sailing :oops: )
Cape Town 2000 (rest of the trip was West Africa :? )
Key West 2005 (Teasers open at lunchtime :lol: )


Gallipoli, Venice Italy

Most surprisingly good



Strange how Cambletown make it into many folks worst runs ashore.

Best - Hoodriver USA on UAV trails for 2 weeks.

Worst - any time in Cambletown.


Lantern Swinger
notafourknotfudgepacker said:
Best: New Orleans (for Mardi Gras)/ Curacao (for Camp "Legover")

Worst: No such thing as a bad run ashore - only bad "runners" :wink:
G'day all.

YOW mate right on the button.



Lantern Swinger
Best : Cape Town, New York, W. Indies

Worst: Rio Grande (Brazil), Djibouti

UK, never had a bad run in the UK (from Hull, so I can't count that)

Runs ashore are few and far between now, just done 6 months down south, had only one good run and that was Cape Town, all the other visits were all the rocks in the Atlantic for one night at anchor and no night leave due to no boats running. Sorry had a couple of nights in Walvis Bay, Namibia which was okay.


Best Run Ashore 14 June 1982 Friederikshaven Denmark.....(ohh, Annika Laarsen where are you now??) :D :D

Wilmington, North Carolina

Worst Foriegn Naples, Izmir.

Best UK Swansea and Glasgow

Worst UK Bristol (Docked in Avonmouth, which is a dump)
creeper said:
Strange how Cambletown make it into many folks worst runs ashore.

Best - Hoodriver USA on UAV trails for 2 weeks.

Worst - any time in Cambletown.

Just shows your lack of adventure, mind you the crawl back to the NATO fueling jetty could be a bit of a bumber


Lantern Swinger
Best, all those that arent in the Worst!

Worst: Italy (all), Brest (got arrested for turning a car over, wasnt us but we were laughing at the police trying to get it upright), Campbeltown!! Alexandria.


I see that Swansea is coming up a few times as the best in UK. I had an absolute screamer of a run there in '82 whilst on the Arethusa. The only problem I had, was that my home town is just down the road and I had an invasion of aunts, Uncles, cousins etc....Bar bill went through the roof...oh happy days


Best: New York for Navy Week, tropicals plus Yankee ladies, what a run...

Worse: Djibouti, foul smelling dirty hellhole, just narrowly ahead of the Cape Verde Islands. Just thinking about that place makes me shudder.

Best UK: Newcastle, before they built that stupid bridge and you could get right up to Tyne bridge, not just at Spillers Wharf (with the exception of Capital Ships, where I never got past North Shields).

Worse UK Great Yarmouth in winter. A fish patrol stand off many moons ago, never again.


Best: Barbados
Worst: Haakonsvern - Norway, bloody freezin'

UK: Hull (On subsistence but went home every night)


Best: Sydney - Bicentennial year '88
Worst: A shit hole in Saudi, can't even remember the name

Best UK: Edinburgh (Leith)
Worst UK: Campbeltown, although I did get a lift back to the fueling jetty courtesy of the local constabulary.
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