Nice one BNM! I was there in '64 or '65 onboard HMS Ursa (type 15 I think) when the dockyard was commissioned as HMS Malabar (?)
Did they ever fish out all of the "diddly-bops" from the harbour?
Never went there on a ship but did a number of stop overs on the way to Puerto Rico (AMRAAM Firing), stuck there for a week once (Crab Air U/S). Times change I suppose, maybe they could put Lusty there instead :p


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Was there about 3 years ago although we were not alongside there. Ships crests still there and some have been touched up by visiting ships of same name.

Look very impressive, as do the ones in Simonstown dry docks dating back many years
I went there in 68 on the Tabard returning from Australia. I remember the Jimmy getting very jittery as we weren't the tidiest ships company after two months on passage. He needn't have worried as when SNOWI turned up to greet us his hair was much longer than any one of us. We didn't paint a crest during our visit as we were too busy drinking our subsistence.
HMS MALABAR in bits.

A fair few of these things went to Diving Stations.


"Go on son - drop the stand, fire it up and take your sister over the edge as well!"
One bloke onboard managed to get one up the stairs and into his hotel room, then zonked out with the engine running, luckily his room mate woke up.

The culprit was a Chief at the time, he's now a Commander!!:eek:
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