Berlusconi sentenced to seven years.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Flagdeck, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - Italian ex-PM Berlusconi sentenced in Ruby sex case#

    The question is - will he actually serve time behind bars ?
    The lengthy appeals system, and leniency to lags over seventy leads me to believe he won't.

    Edited to add.... MOD's, feel free if you want to put this in the barge..... may I suggest my other thread 'what a load of bollocks'
  2. If you're rich (which he is) and you've got pet lawyers (which he has).........there's nothing to worry about.

    (Sorry about the dots, Guzz, force of habit)
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  3. Like him or loath him, he could have been set up by those ill disposed towards him. Do Eyetie prozzies have Govt authenticated identity cards or carry their Birth Certificates around with them?
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Lawyers don't need to be 'pets' to plead their client's case, they just need to be paid. Even Bridger had a lawyer on his side.

    A pet judge may be useful.
  5. I believe (though correct me if i'm wrong) that he instigated the over 70's law while he was still in Im guessing he knew he was heading for a fall at some point.

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  6. He's Berlusconi.....they're 'pets'.....the judge is Italy after all.....with that power, influence and dosh he thinks he's Caesar.....'careful with that knife Brutus.'
  7. Remember, this is the country that did such a cracking job in Perugia. Despite a conviction, we were minded to remember that Italy tends to convict then acquit on appeal for any perceived irregularities in the trial, evidence, discredited witnesses etc etc.

    So even though there is a conviction I doubt Berlusconi will serve time, he will have years to appeal the conviction, or any sentence imposed, while the chief witness continues to write books and appear on chat shows further discrediting any evidence she may have presented at the original trial either by earlier statement or under questioning (so much for keeping her gob shut for the sums she allegedly received for the defendants "friends").

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