Berets with No3's

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by reallynotrequired, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Sorry to sound like a complete numpty, but is it ok to wear a beret with No3's?
  2. As rig no's change every week it seems, would you be referring to shirt and tie / tropical shirt? If so then I don't see why not ask a FOSTie as they have been doing as long as I can remember.. I've never been picked up for it but some old timer SR's might see their arrse
  3. It's fine. If an old and bold gets a grump on, tell them 81 allows it!
  4. AFAIK, the basic numbering scheme has changed only once since it was introduced!
  5. The only question from a MOG's point of view is which looks like a Royal Naval Junior Rate a beret or the new style flat caps both asppear to be a joke.

    At least have baseball caps for all and look half decent.

  6. I think berets with Nos.3 is OK for JR's only.

    Had no probs in one shore establishment with that rig, but down at Nelson you would probably get a bollocking from the Joss.
  7. I used to wear my beret with No.3's but only when land based, never got away with it on ship.

    Suppose it depends if you have a decent boss?

    Drake you could get away with it, well, unless you walk passed the MAA office :wink:

    Best to check Daily orders xx
  8. From walking around Nelson today I would say it's OK, there were a few officers doing it as well.
  9. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Nutty wrote


    The Royal Chavy?

    WOs SRs and Officers (staff and students) at Sultan were not allowed to wear berets other than for range stuff last time I was there. Huffy dits in Daily Words and bollockings a go go from the Commander, Jimmy, WO Joss and WO (M).

    Berets are 'kin awful unless you are doing range/infantry stuff. Baseball caps are worse.
  10. I have yet to see the Matelot who can wear a beret with the style and confidence as that of a Lean Green.
  11. Its all in the shrinking to fit (not pleasant wearing a wet beret for hours until it dries).
    As a matter of interest:

    When I shot in the Inter-Command Rifle Meetings in the late 60's - early 70's, we wore full No2's, Gaiters and Cap! But we were allowed to turn the cap around so the peak was at the back whilst actually firing!
  12. I'm a FOSTIE and wear a Beret with my No3's.

    Mine is 'shrunk to fit' I was lucky enough to have had a late Uncle as a ex 'Royal' and he showed me how to get the wetting and fitting correct, so my ferret looks the bizz.

    I do, however, agree that nothing looks worse than a matelot wearing a beret which resembles the flight-deck of a carrier.

    IMHO, booties berets always look the mutts nuts! ;-)
  13. Brig, think your gonna regret owning up to being FOST!!!!

    Now where did I put those eggs????

  14. I do, however, agree that nothing looks worse than a matelot wearing a beret which resembles the flight-deck of a carrier.

    Im sure you'll all agree that it has to be said, Senior Rates are especially guilty of this heinous crime.
  15. Does it come down to the lack of individuality and that thing called "Personal Pride"?

    Harping back to the "Good Old Days" - a matelot went the extra yard to look smart - whether it was the "tiddly bow on his cap tally or the "bow-wave" on his cap etc, perhaps not strictly regulation but still an indication of pride in how he looked.
    Has this been drummed out of the sailor/sailoress of the modern navy?
  16. I'll take this as a bite, seriouslly though why do we always get this tone about todays navy, why do people always criticise and knock the people who have served in recent years I certainly didn't lack personal pride and I still don't. The people I worked with were professional they worked hard and played hard, and I'd like to thnk we did our bit. We all voluntered to serve and surely that says somthing about our moral fibre and personal pride. Its sad that the older generation dont respect us like we respect them :( .
  17. So, errr, would it still be OK to wear my woolly hat with my P-Jacket, SM Jumper, jeans and wellies while on the Casing at Hbr Stns? It was fine in the 70s!
  18. It was not intented as a criticism or a knock at the professionalism of the modern navy (I only left just over 4 years ago!) more it was an observation. Jack has always had a knack of adapting his uniform to add a little panache to the way he wore it and the previous submissions give the impression that this is no longer the case. Senior Rates always led by example.
  19. Chill! Although I do have a gripe with the oval cap - how COULD you??? - most of the current uniform is a lot better than ours. Even before I left Ganges, our class had a mottley collection of all shades of No8s, with shirts ranging from sky blue to sea-green and trousers from navy blue, through light grey to off-white! In later years I acquired an "Atlantic Collar" - now that WAS the Canine's Textiles!
  20. GW its the nail on the head - this is what I was referring to - individuality and panache

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