Bentley Priory closes today

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by golden_rivet, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. shame - RIP lads!
  2. Now you mention it, it is rather a shame that another piece of (albeit relatively recent) history passes from the family silver collection. That said, it's good that maintenance of a listed site will not be a drain on the defence budget

    Was that reverence for ADGB or Fighter Command G R or a bit of cross Service mischief?
  3. Excuse my ignorance guys, but what was Bentley Priory?
  4. Thanks Harry.

    The RAF website links into Wikipedia, which gave loads of info on it.

    A shame that the MoD are losing such a historical site.
  5. My buddies daughter was stationed there a few years ago. She gave me and her dad a guided tour of the place. I still have the brochure giving the history of Bentley Priory. I totally agree that the "Battle of Britain" link should not be lost.

    Semper Strenuissima.
  6. Is it the posh house that has been sold or is it the entire base? If it was the base then I am staggered as the facilities their were pretty much brand new, excellent accomodation compared to some of the sh!t we have to put up with!!!
  7. HMS DRYAD should never have been closed. Especially as the money was strangely found to re-open it, build a new chapel for the RMP, errect statues and put bloody purple signs everywhere
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ex-TAS Ape, now Regulator. I remember Dryad very well, and had some good (and not so good) times there. I was there recently for a couse and, althought it is now the Tri-Service Defence Police College, there is hardly any naval identity there; understandable, as the RMP are the larger of the three contingents.

    The money to reopen the site mostly came from MOD funds, although the Cook Building AAW/ASW simulators have remained open throughout. The chapel is an common Army regimental requirement (housing their Colours) but the RAF and RN will each have a stained glass window fitted in due course. Although there are memorial stones to various Service Policemen who have died in the course of their duty, the only one to have died in conflict was MAA Brian Welsh, who died on board HMS Sheffield in 1982. His memorial stone was commissioned in May 2007 during a Tri-Service Falklands memorial parade, by Sir Alan West. The cost of building the chapel came from their own Regimental HQ budget; the statues came from Roussillon Barracks in Chichester when they closed down.

    The purple signs are common in all Tri-Service establishments, however you'll be glad to know that the road leading to Southwick still display "HMS Dryad"!
  9. I've never hidden my fondness for the boys (and girls) in blue. After all if it wasn't for them I wouldn't exist (my parents met in the RAF in the late forties). Anyway we civvys don't have to subscribe to the inter-service rivalry that is used to divide and rule in the services. I suppose it has some useful function as at least it stops you all banding together and overthrowing the government :bball:


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