Benefit fraud makes the headlines at last


War Hero
One of the problems is that members of the public frequently report these freeloading scroats (never mind the reasons) but for various reasons they never get clobbered! does this mean that at last the guberment has realised they cannot go on funding all the 'n'erdo-wells' in Europe and maintain something of a country to do it in? They need to prosecute their own to pay for the foreigners (can't take much more off the NHS or the military we need something to makes us look like a country! Can we at last hope that them as won't do bugger all (as opposed to those who can't and should be helped, but are usually penalised because they can't) will be caught - in the words of the prophet "don't hold yer breath"

But it's nice to dream (the money saved will no doubt buy 'Gimme Gimme' a new dress or holiday)

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