Benefit Fraud is Class Less

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. Its a hard job but someones got to do it. I have volunteered to check out all those who have recently legged it to NZ .
  2. I noticed it yesterday Maxi.
    Now I am about to be called a racist, did you notice that they come from Wales.
    The Welsh have an exceedingly large percentage of benefit claimants. :evil:
  3. I have always found that greed in particular seems aleways to rise above colour, race or creed. Just look at those city bankers, who have been the biggest subsidy junkies all these years.
  4. Maxi
    The biggest bunch of claimants are those Members of Parliament who state that they have not broken any rules. If it were any other group laws would be rapidly amended to close loopholes. However they do not want the loopholes closed or even tightened.
    If these MPs do not have any morals how can they expect the rest of the country not to follow their example?
  5. Slim

    Whilst Ms Smiths claims may be immoral, and perhaps more they pale into insignifcance to the 'bonuses' paid to the ******* who have brought our banking system to it's knees
  6. Ah yes. Definitely working class.
  7. I watched our Home Secretary telling the world that she was entitled to claim more than she had on the AM programme on Sunday. She referred to not having to account for any expenditure under £25 with receipts, yet for those of us in and recently out of the Service, any expenditure has to be supported by receipts or we don't get reimbursed. Now, I have no problems with this, but feel that the rules should be the same for everyone.

    As our MPs have to be in London for a considerable part of their lives, accommodation should be provided in communal facilities provided by the Crown and charged at the same rate as any Serviceman or woman would have to pay. There should be no question of the Crown subsidising private or family accommodation beyond that which is provided for Service personnel.

    The same should be arranged for those who work at MOD and get rid of the horrendously expensive SSSA and FIA nonsense!

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