Bender in Bender


Lantern Swinger
oooh hello sailors!

No, fear not comrades... This is not a lords thread. Be at your ease. No, this is more of a pre-holiday request. Me and a few of me retard mates always go off on stupid 4 day breaks once a year to somewhere in eastern europe.

We nce had a trip round a Slovak cement works. Fucking superb. Anyhoo, this years trip is to Bender in the PMR. We're going on a footy weekend and want to go and watch FC Dinamo Bender play FC Energetic Dubasari... WHY? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?

Now, on the off chance that one of the 3000 odd member shere has been to Bender or PMR, whats it really like? The only place I can find for scoff is the Old Bender restaraunt. Maybe Tiraspol is better?

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