Benbow Block, HMS Drake.

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by SELJUK, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. See the RN official site.
    They've only bin' and gone and knocked it down.......I got quite emotional about it. THEY never even asked me to say a few words first dammit! I mean, I know time moves on and stuff but..........well it's Benbow Block. MY spiritual home, among they find the escape tunnels and still now. Gloom!!!!
    Memories..........I've had a few but then again too few to mentio............RIP Benbow Block. You've seen a few goings on in your time. Dinger you're safe now, it's all coming down to ground level. I bet Ginge is planning some other equally exciting dangle for you!!!!
    :skull: :frustrated:
    One more thing. The Sun has got his Ricky, hip hip hip hooray........Hatton for PM! - Hatton for PM!.......... :boxing:
  2. There's a farkin' gret big wrecking thing smashing the living daylights
    out of my house!!
    They've taken out all the windows...more than likely ditched all the
    pussers mattresses that got swamped and really, it's a bit sad to see
    my old cabin being torn down.

    RIP Benbow Block.
  3. Managed to escape and go RA thankfully.
    Sad all the same though.
    First Ganges,then Chatham,Osprey and now Drake.

    Anyone want to buy a tent?
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    good riddance,,,it was a hole, i had a few good runs whilst sluming in it!!!
  5. I suspect you never saw it in its pomp in the middle seventies. Crystal chandeliers, marble floors, gold plated taps and shower heads, sumptuous mattresses easily two feet thick, Persian carpets. We even had Hi Def tv AND satelite channels (years before the rest of the planet, we were sworn to secrecy though)! The lift operator was all curves and silk and was supplied by WRNS quarters next door as was room service and ONLY the very best in food and refreshment was allowed into El Tower Benbow!

    It was after they put a simplex lock on the front door that things started to go down hill.......................................apparently the IRA were mad keen to get into ETB and sample the oppulence. Snag was, simplex locks and pissed matelots do not a good combination make............I mean HOW hard can it be to remember a FOUR digit sequence? Annoying when you're in a hurry....impossible when you can't stand up! :book: :party: :locked:
  6. When I was in Benbow at Drake (1969) they were huts at the end of the Creek by the Diving School...........Coke fires at each end of each hut!
    So I'm guessing it's not them that they are demolishing?
  7. Hunting through the loft, looking for the
    External "Christmas Lights", I found this
    in an old, manky file of forgotten Naval stuff:-

  8. dont forget Royal Arthur,Daedalus etc
  9. Oh goad whatever next we'll soon have fcuk all left when I go home to gosport now it's full of yachty things made of plastic,Vernon where Iused to try drowning myself jumpin onto the ferry (and they tried to drown me on divers course) is a poncey fuckin shoppin centre for yuppies. Diddlyus is playin fields and yuppy houses(used to enjoy the occasional bit of hospitality there),Mercury long gone and NOW GOOD OLD DRAKERS.
    WELLfuck my old boot as I say what next???? So many happy days old shipmates who needs progress? they Did it to St. Vincent as well,when will this wanton destruction of our beloved former homes end.

  10. Anybody remember the JR's bar on HMS Defiance. Being berthed outboard of her in the late seventies was a Godsend.

    Cheap too, quite a few of the old hands used to muster there on a Friday after they cleaned the barrels and pipes to see off the slop bucket. I used to think they were being cheapskates until I realised it was done because they were seeing the NAAFI off and from there over to the RNA or Avondale to start the weekend in the proper way!

    That's my old navy anyway.........'spose it was vastly different when the tot was still alive and everybody had wooden legs and a parrot.
    Shiver me timbers and heave ho o'matey!
  11. Paul Kinell!! I was thinking its only not been up long 5h1t I`m feeling old, home for many years . I still have night mares of the when I was killick of the criminals mess ^_^;
  12. Drove past today
    have uploaded a pic awaiting admin approval
    It was being demolished as we drove past
  13. What happened to Royal Arthur? remember humping that beer barrel up the bloody hill :rage:
    F troop were fun though :thumright:
  14. GM there's a web site somewere on the net that displays pictures of old decommisioned establishments. You MAY not want to look at the piccies though. HMS Royal Arthur is a ruin, where once NO weed dare sprout that's all there is. The pool is empty and full of rubbish. Both bars are ruins and the stool I fell off several times when taking part in sods operas, GONE!

    I'll bet the assault (beg pardon....obstacle) course and steep slopes have reverted back to jungle. I used to be able to fly up those like a young gazelle (gazzelle, gazzele)? Like a really quick cute and cuddly animal anyway! God I hated IT! And now......I'd give my left arm (left arm is useless, broken bones and joints that just won't give me peace) to be able to do it again. Or have the option anyway, just to be able to say 'no....thanks but no thanks'.
    Bertie the bastard Bertie. You gave me some wicked bruises. What's more useless than an empty beer barrel...........

    Anyway RA is no's just crying out for illeagal immigrants to weed!?

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