Benazir Bhutto fireworks demonstration

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by itchenfisher, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. Do you think she was right to go back, especially as her return has all the hallmarks of dodgy dealings by the West? She was warned that this would happen. Who is to blame? :toilet:
  2. Not a good time to stir things on the Paki side when we have deployed on the Afghani side. I find it hard to understand/believe how she and Masharif seem to be chums now.
  3. Yet another demonstration, if any was required, that you cannot deal in what we would consider a civilised manner with people who believe that they will go straight to heaven when they murder others, just because someone has translated the Prophet's words incorrectly.

    A pox on all religions.
  4. Pakistan is effectively2 countries: the "mainland" and Waziristan. The latter is comprised on embedded, native tribes who have a fevered affiliation to the extremist elements of Islam. That said, no army in history (including Alexander and Genghis) managed successfully to conquer the region.

    Bhutto and Musharrif have an uneviable task of trying to win the hearts and minds of a people who are poisoned with fundamentalist Islamic thought.
  5. Agree with the above these tribal areas are areas where the men do not follow the true Koran where it clearly states that women are equal in all respects. The vast majority are unable to read or write and take as 'gospel' whatever their religious leaders tell them and these are the despicable cowardly creatures who brainwash young men and women to become suicide mass murderers.
  6. And right in the middle of them is Osama Bin laden, maybe now there will be more of an effort to weed him out.... :hockey:
  7. We blew the best chance of getting Bin Laden when Blair followed Bush on the Iraq 'adventure' and I see he, Blair is still gobbing off in New York that he did the right thing.
  8. Much the same as in the West during the Middle Ages and later, re Christianity. And pretty much the same penalty if they dare to think for themselves, except perhaps in the manner of execution.
  9. She is with out a shadow of doubt....

    She was crap for the counrty then and she will be crap for the country in the future... she is in the pay of the Generals, who have given her imunity
  10. It'll be just like Bliar and Broon in charge except one of them will actually wield a knife for real.
  11. Maybe the generous glass of Laphroig has impaired my thought process but I fail to see the connection to the topic? =)
  12. Strange! I wonder if it would be called a fireworks demonstration if 150 people had been killed in the the UK.
    Aside from Lockerbie we have to look back a few year to see a similar number blown to pieces on our own shores; and then by a home grown enemy, the IRA.
    Yet other countries suffer these outrages daily.
    Is not Ms Bhutto attempting to bring about a secular state? Who are we to criticise when on this sceptred isle there is a state sponsored religion?
  13. I have to say, I am for the separation of church and state. I have no problem with people having their own faith, I just don't want them knocking my door at 0900h on a Sunday morning asking me to come to church when I have sacrifices to make........ :thumright: :thanks:

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