Benazir Bhotto killed in suicide attack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Oil_Slick, Dec 27, 2007.

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  1. R.I.P.

    Crazy world!

    Beam me up Scotty there aint no intelligent life down here!!
  2. Sad day for Pakistan, I really thought that she would be the next PM of Pakistan. A good person who from what I understand about her, would have taken Pakistan forward.

    Sadly this puts the election probably further back, does it clear Musharraf's decision to put Emergency Law into place?
  3. Any idea what consequences this will have? Will this effect anything in a broader middle east context? Are Pakistan's nukes still in danger of falling into the wrong hands? My knowledge on the Pakistan situation extends as in depth as the wikipedia article takes me, and although truth by popular opinion is a good way to go with a lot of things, I think that getting a more informed opinion would be better.
  4. A very sad day whatever the political views in that part of the world.

  5. The situation viz-a-viz Pakistans nukes keep lots of people awake at night in the ccorridors of Western power.
  6. Emergency rule was lifted two weeks ago.
  7. I'm stunned. Bodes ill for the future of Pakistan.
  8. Sort of my point, Emergency rule ends and then a massive set back like that.
  9. ...and they have Nukes :argue:
  10. Not long now then??
  11. R.I.P
    Pakistan wades deeper into the shit. If things don't get better the UN should deploy troops to guard the nuke silos. Can't have Mr bin Laden and his merry men getting their mits on them while the country goes to the dogs.
  12. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Give Musharraf a great excuse to fill the streets with troops and cancel the elections. On the greater front, the opposition parties will be more resolute to force through elections and Musharraf's intransigence will force a small civil war. Expect to see more assasinations of party officials. I wouldn't be surprised to see militanat extremists dragging India into the foray. Of course, then it will be great fun.

    People are such bastards. Bhutto may have had a past, but there goes the last hitching post for Pakistan's future.

  13. Sh1t and fan come to mind, with the switch on turbo!
  14. Islamist nuts yet again.
  15. not an expert on Pakistan but I believe that Benazir represented no change from the 'landlord' style of political allegiance. Having a military leader is probably the only way of Pakistan not sliding into Islamic extremism - even I admit things are bad when a half-hearted military leader like Mushy is a better prospect than a civvy :rendeer:

    shame - but ENTIRELY predicatable
  16. This will give the encument government the excuse to continue their offensive against the Islamic extremism elements.

    Did Bhotto have a deputy? If so maybe the elections could still go ahead.

    Has Imram Khan put his hat into the ring or is he still in hideing?
  17. What a bloody tinderbox this is , kinnell .
  18. my thoughts and prayers are with the Pakistani Poeple
  19. Another martyr, it seems.

    Now, will Allah accept the martyrdom of the only a bit married Miss Bhutto or the nutter that slotted her? Interesting times.

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