Bell's Palsy - Medical

I am in the first stages of my Royal Navy officer as a HM Officer. Having just sat my Recruit Test and SIFT Interview, I went on my acquaint and absolutely loved it. The next stage I understand is the medical tests, including the fitness and eye tests.

I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy more than four years ago. It was academically diagnosed as being caused by glandular fever while I was at university and has resulted in damage to my facial nerves on my right-hand side. While at the time it took six months to recover and get back to normal, I am now fit and healthy and unaffected by it other than some asymmetry to my smile and residual weakness to my facial nerves on that side of my face.

I have no doubt that I am physically able to complete the training, otherwise I would not have applied. I wonder, however, whether this will hinder my application?

Any advice or indication would be grateful received. Each step of the process so far has inspired me and I am even more enthusiastic now than I was before. It would be incredibly disappointing at this point, so I would prefer to mentally steel myself for the possibility if that may be likely.

Thank you in advance.


War Hero
I have suffered with Bells Palsy three times now. The second time that it occurred was in my final couple of months in the RN, I must admit that it did affect me when it came to job interviews. However each time the problem has cleared up almost completely though it has left me with a slight weakening in the face mussels on the right side. Normally this is hardly noticeable, however if I over indulge in the booze my wife notices immediately.:)
Keep doing the facial exercises you should have been given to build up the face muscles, steroids may also help, have a word with the doc!