Bellerophon, Sirius, Diadem

Discussion in 'History' started by bills_girl, May 26, 2010.

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  1. Hi , me again - more questions re my late father's navy record!

    April 24th 1951 my father is listed as being at Bellerophon (which I know to be a shore establishment at Pompey) on HMS Sirius and then just a couple of weeks later May 15th 1951, HMS Diadem. What would he have been doing? Any ideas?
    Also - he once told me he had sailed on the Belfast and I believe the Belfast had something to do with Bellerophon, but I also know the Belfast was out in the Hong Kong or Singapore regions - my father was out there 1947/48 - how do I know when he might have sailed on Belfast as the ship itself is not mentioned in his record?
    All help gratefully received
  2. IIRC Bellerophon was the name given for all the ships in the reserve fleet at Portsmouth
  3. HMS Sirius was a Dido-class light cruiser HMS Diadem was a Dido-class light cruiser Both might have been in the reserve fleet ( Bellerophon ) at that time 51???
  4. Both were in reserve at that time.
  5. WreckerL and Scouse - thanks for your help.

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