Belkin file transfer cable


Lantern Swinger
Just bought a Belkin file transfer cable and its brilliant. Just a 2 metre USB to USB cable with a lump in the middle. Link two computers together (no drivers required for Vista or XP) and you get a screen up showing This Computer and Connected Computer and all the files. Just drag a file from one to the other and a copy is transferred.

I used it to free up some space on the lappy by transferring 4 Gig to desktop, transfer took about hour and a half.

Cost here is $38, about 17 quid, and no hassle with discs etc.

Bloody good idea !
Had one of these for a few years. Your right it made life and file transfers very easy. I don't use mine now as it is only really useful for pc-pc/laptop transfers.
I use an external drive so all the files I require are on there and just plug that into any pc I want to put them on, faster too.

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