Belgium Mong Falls Asleep During Tattoo Procedure

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by FistFullOfNails, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. Just found a golden nugget on the intergalactic fun that is the interweb

    "Meeh...I fell asleep!"

    Yeh right, more like you were having a post 7 man gangbang nap in which your vaginal wall became pretty much thread bare to your arse canal it's in danger of merging into one shitty-vaginaly-dischargery canal - but no worries, just means more c'ock eh? c'unt.

    Serves the b'itch right, there she goes into the tattoo parlor, w'anking every pierced and tat'dman off in sight and strutting her diseased hoop she passes off as a c'unt aroudn and let's one tattooist trigger up her gush canal then goes and falls asleep on the c'unt!

    So, the tattoist, quite rightly, tattoo'd a load of s'hitty stars all up and down her face whilst he let his poor alsatian have a go at her thread-bare gusset before waking the b'itch up and charging her extra for the anti biotics the dog is gonna need.
  2. How the fcuk do you mange to fall asleep while getting your face tattooed? Looking at the state of this creature the only possible answer seems to be a near lethal combination of booze and drugs.

    Probably seemed a good idea when she was off her tits, but after coming down she needs to blame someone else, because its never her fault is it?
  3. She's a lying little bitch! My arse did she fall asleep, tattoos are pretty painful are they not...???

    She just hasn't got the guts to tell Daddy that she got what she asked for so she's stooped to blame that poor tattooist
  4. How can you fall asleep having a tattoo on such a sensitive area? All of mine fecking hurt, and they were on me arms and legs !!!!!
  5. There was me thinking ity was a military tattoo!

    I have always thought those who have those things are lacking up top in the grey matter someplace
  6. She could always get the other side done and flog her parts to astronomy clubs
  7. You would've thought that when having somethinh as life changing as say, getting your face tattoo'd - she might want to stay awake.


    besides idont think it's possible to sleep while getting tattoo'd anywhere let alone on your fuc'king face! kunt
  8. fairplay, ive just had 10 hours on a half sleeve, in several sittings mind, i fell asleep for about an hour during a three hour sitting, easy done! :)
    Not so much on your face though! ha
  9. She should look on the bright side.....stars...face....never mind.
  10. That's what happened to me then , I must have fell asleep in pinkies, and Johnny Gurkha's and they took advantage of me.

    I wonder if they shagged me as well and if I enjoyed it? 8O :oops:
  11. Me too professor rex zeta must have been very gentle so must jessie shaky joe johny ghurka pinky and a few more i could mention .Shes had it done got hame a round of fu4ks off mam and dad and thought il blame tattoist a losd bollocks
  12. Looks like a case for the intrepid detective, Hercule Poirot! ;)

    Hillo, I will ernly say this wence. Whert was in those chucolates brought by the Big Booty, for madame, bought from Monsieur Thorntons?
  13. If you join the stars up in a certain way there's an arrow pointing to her mouth and "Insert cock here" in Flemmish tat'd on her face.

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