Belfing. Yep, its a word. Well, it is now....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Ships_Cat, Jan 8, 2015.

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  1. Had to check the date there! What the F is going on? How big will Kim "Look at me I'm thick as shit" Kardasacrash need her belie stick, will it be on the moon?
    Can you imagine all these fat mongs who think they are gods gift posting pictures of there massive fat arses?
    I think I'm going to go and poke my eyes out with a stick now :):)
  2. Kimmy could use some pussers maskers to tape her phone onto the end of this piece of bent pipe

    Bent Scaffold.png

    Or, if that's not big enough to go around her massive bootie she could try this...

    Canadarm 2.png
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  3. BELF this.

  4. I've just barfed, does that count :eek:
  5. Good evening.

    And yes.
  6. Billy, that pic is more in line with what I historically understood the definition of "belfing" to be.
  7. Nice marbling on the thighs , would make a lovely stew.
  8. Feck SAKE man, where do you find these . . . ???


    and once more

  9. Is it just me that wants to see Jeremy Beadle as the TV pitch man for this product??
    "Got a wanking claw and cant get a good selfie?? Belfie, the arm for those who have none. Or T-Rex ones."
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  10. I think its all the Frankie Vaughn Billy posts in his thread, you'd need something to cool off so you could get up from your desk at work, wouldn't you?
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  11. Knew it wouldn't take long!
    I'm just washing my eyes out in bleach!
  12. Whilst re-posting it in all its magnificence.

    Cheers . . . :mad:
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  13. Your welcome :)
  14. You never know; under all that blubber there could be a flange like a mouses earhole!
  15. But that flange could be a tight fold of flesh , always best to ask the fat birds to fart and give you a clue , oh and don't forget a piece of chalk to mark where you left off.
  16. Or the bag of flour to roll her in to find the damp patch.
  17. Aye, a feckin Hippopotamouse :cool:
  18. They are always so grateful you have taken the time to give them one , full English brekkie in bed from one of my beer goggle conquests .

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