Belfast Ship Visit?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by capt-ahab, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. Have heard a rumour that an MCMV is visiting Belfast at the end of the month, but havent been able to find out mucvh more about it - anyone know which one it is by any chance?


    Ahab (capt) :)
  2. Yeah it was my first port of call but nothing there as yet... Maybe I've been lied to!
  3. Try contacting HMS Caroline, the RNR establishment in Belfast. They will prob have the details.
  4. Or on the other hand, don't. You're straying ito the OPSEC area here guys
  5. If it's already been advertised publically somewhere its hardly opsec...
  6. Regardless of what is in the public domain, all Ship visits to NI remain Restricted, therefore should not be discussed here. Doesn't matter if its a future visit or you're standing on the Queens Bridge looking at the bloody thing!
  7. Well the visit of a plastic sweeper is hardly going to set the world of espionage and Terrorism alight is it?Surely if its in thepublic domain then theres no issue.If Sheik Rat el Anroll and his cronies want to bomb it they can read it itinery all on line and choose the sopt with the nicest B&B's.its a bit thick,afterall it was only an innocent enquirery.
  8. OK so where to you draw the line, OPV, Frigate, Destroyer?
    It is not for the members of this forum to throw out 35 years of hard won experience with regard to security issues in NI. (Trust me, this is me being diplomatic.)
  9. Fleet movements are no longer the secret they once were.with the Internet and IT the whereabouts of ships are probably more accurate, on line, than what or where their "owners" know.
  10. You're not exactly the only person on RR who has spent a lifetime with the troubles - we are all more than aware of the security issues present
  11. Lads and, well lads......................I would like to close this thread but am willing to leave it open, for now. If some one could PM me about this, I would appreciate it.
  12. If i were a terrorist i wouldnt choose a military target at all,far too dodgy.i would opt for something like a Railway station or a Shopping Mall.Nice and open with minmal security,lots of places to hide a device and also a multitude of soft targets guaranteed to get maximum devastation and TV coverage.however if i was a Spy then also a Minesweeper is too small and insignificant.
  13. Andy IMHO GCYZ does have a valid point.

    Yes the movements are readily available and many organised threats will have them to hand at any given time. These are the threats that Big Brother is aware of, keeps tabs on and combats.

    The real threat is from the unorganised, those who gleam information form loose lips!

    Best course of action would perhaps be to err on the side of caution, after all these movements aren’t JUST ships, they are people. I’d rather you didn’t cost me any of my loved ones. :)

    Beebs x
  14. Wibble,wibble! LOL!
  15. OGGY OGGY OGGY!!!!
  16. I'm sorry do you take the security of others lightly?

    Beebs x
  17. no not at all.If its that Secure then it shouldnt be common knowledge,as this seems to be.If you want to see ship movements world wide then drop by
  18. Cheers shippers

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