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Belarus police detain protesters


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The opposition in Belarus says four leading activists have been arrested by police in Minsk during a protest against the election result.
Opposition supporters defied police and braved sub-zero temperatures overnight, camping out in a central square. The crowd now numbers about 150.

The protesters accused President Alexander Lukashenko of rigging the vote and demanded a fresh election.

The EU and US have condemned the poll as flawed, but Russia says it was fair.

Results announced on Monday gave Mr Lukashenko 82.6% of the vote, against 6% for the runner-up Alexander Milinkevich.

Belarusians day after day live in fear, endure lies in the media and workplace

Ludmila, Minsk

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Mr Milinkevich's campaign manager Anatoly Lebedko and three other top aides in his United Civil Party campaign team have been arrested, Mr Milinkevich's spokesman said.

The other three were named as Alexander Dobrovolsky, Alexei Yanukiyevich and Valentina Pavelikova.

They were arrested as they returned to the rally after going to fetch food.

'Last chance'

Protests began on Sunday evening as the polls closed, with some 10,000 people gathering in October Square.

Thousands turned out again on Monday night, but numbers later dwindled to several hundred.

Belarus police detain protesters

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