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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Polto, May 1, 2007.

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  1. Anybody else remember this?

    A few days after arriving in Dolphin, all the new arrivals, from Phase two and General service had to muster in Pandora Cinema/Theatre. My experience of this was about two hundred blokes all stood gazing in anticipation at the stage - cup of tea in one hand, fag in the other. After a while some bloke came out and started telling us what class of boat we had..."Right - those on Churchill class..." and up went a cheer as the names were read out...and so it went on for the remainder of the types. :lol:

    And today? We stick a notice on the board detailing twenty or so names and which SMQ they'll be going to...(North or South)...Where's all the fun and camaraderie gone? It used to be such a major it's just a laugh and a joke whilst we wait for the PVR's to come through the door. :cry:

    Given me an idea though...
  2. Polto,

    are you involved with SMQ?

    i left the RN two years ago.. but civvy street sucks so i'm coming back!

    i was on the Trafalgar class SMQ but went to keough after my dry phase (and left the MOD) will i still go on the T boats when i rejoin?

  3. Ahh! memories of the days when HMS DOLPHIN was a submarine base and not a museum.

  4. :oops: :oops: :oops: I thought it still WAS a submarine base! :oops: :oops: :oops:
  5. Can't really call somewhere that doesn't have submarines a submarine base ... unless you count the ones in the museum next to it.

  6. Hasnt it been renamed to Fort Blockhouse?And Dolphin 2 has all but gone!
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Fort Blockhouse it is, now home to the Army Medics I understand, I think that the Submarine Museum is where Dolphin II was
  8. I think Dolphin 3 has also gone. Did a great lunch.

  9. Parsnip and Damson wine on the breakwater next to the main gate cos they wouldnt let us bring it onboard.
  10. Ah - not smq as such but phase two in Raleigh. Will you go to T Boats - dunno - it's up to drafty - he'll send you wherever there's an empty seat.

    And for you other guys - Dolphin is indeed known as 'Fort Blockhouse'. It is tri service and is used mainly for accomodating those nice people what works in Haslar. So it's a bit of a ghost town - very sad indeed when I think back to seeing the gangs of blokes herding into the school or down to the workshops... :cry:

    SETT is still functioning there though, which is nice!! 8O :lol:
  11. So what happened to the MBSQ that was only built in the 80's????Not to mention the Senior rates mess!
  12. Mothballed - like the rest of most of the mob. :roll:

    There was a good dit about when the army moved in - is the top NCO an RSM? Anyway the pongos are scared sh!tless of him - he went up the s/r's mess for a beer one lunchtime and put himself at the front of the queue and said to the barman (a fine naval type) "Mine's a lager - do know who I am don't you?" In other words 'Serve me now, low life scum'. Al around you could hear apin drop - all the pongos were stood up to show respect to their bloke...the matelots were frozen in mid sip...the barmans reply was something like...

    "Don't give a toss who you are mate, you can still get in the queue with rest of 'em".

    And he did!!

    Wish I'd seen that.
  13. Sorry matey not a musuem any more but a Pongoes barracks 43 rd Bandage Brigade or something similar
  14. I went to a SOCA Reunion there a few years back and they treated us like Kings,so where is the reunion held now then ??
  15. SOCA is no more...long live SOCA..'The Submarine Association' is where it's at...try Google. Not sure if they have a big annual reunion anymore - you would have to contact your local branch. However, the London Branch do host the November cermonies gets quite well attended. :nemo:
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  17. Diesel boaties have a PU in October usually last year it was in Guzz.
    I can give you a contact name if you like.
    Dunno what the Nukie Poohs do. Probably some swish hotel somewhere so they can get their shreddies washed and ironed!!
  18. Submariners Association Reunion is to be held this year Fri 12th 13th 14th Oct 2007 in a hotel in Coventry. I attended HMS Neptune in 02 and HMS Drake in 03 for various reasons since Pusser has been unable to offer accomodation and space at any of it Bases for the 1st or 2nd week in October.

    The 2001 Reunion was held in Blockhouse, I did not attend but with Non RN and outsources civvies running the place many felt it was a bit of a fiasco and I understand an offer to return, given by Blockhouse, was rejected.

    How many more years it will be before we can return to a Naval Base nobody seems to know but with the introduction of single cabin accomodation for all rates and PAYE catering it could be a fair time yet.

    I will be attending this year so if any other RR's are going let us know by PM or on this thread. The week before I will be in Plymout Fri. 5th and 6th Oct 07 for a mini Ganges reunion about 6 or 7 of us so if you are in the area and fancy a wet with some old pharts.


    The D/E Boat reunion is held in Plymouth in August.
  19. I recall Dolphin being called " Blockhouse " during my time in ' boats ' 1953-1964 . Re the reunions , although it's unlikely I will ever make it to one in UK I have thought that HMS Raleigh would be ideal as it is now the new , ' Blockhouse '. Pusser should provide for this even if those attending pay a certain sum for costs . The miserable barstewards could even do a re-enactment of ' tot-time' for the recruits , purely as an educationalal feature of naval history of course . Seriously , I do believe Raleigh would be great with maybe a day trip at sea with the ' boats ' close by . OK back to reality,

    BZ for the new smilies :pukel: This is close to spitting the dummy . With a slight modification ?
  20. The week end is paid for by each person attending be it in a Hotel or Pussers establishment normally about £120 for Fri/Sat nights which includes the formal dinner. I assume if we were in RN S/R's mess it would be pay as you eat. In a hotel it includes only breakfast. Various other packages can be purchased for the reunion. This year a dedicated bar in the hotel will sell beer at £1.50, larger £1.40 and wine at £1.25 at all times when open. We do have a tot time. To date Pusser has not offered up ANY other Naval Establishment to hold the reunion in to my knowledge. Janner may have more info on that than me.


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