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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Professor_X, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. Hi can anyone settle an argument for me please.

    If i go into the submarine service, how long will i be posted away? as this is causing huge arguments with the other half since at the careers office i have been told 4months, and the RN Submarines are based in scotland and on the other hand the missus has been told two years by someone who served in RN


  2. Depends what you mean by posted away , if your drafted to a Faslane Submarine for 2 years & you dont take your wife up to Faslane with you then you could say thats 2 years away , but on the other hand you do take her to Faslane with you & you do a 4 month deployment then thats 4 month's away , sdhe could always enjoy the Scotish countryside , works exactly the same for Skimmers , It's up to you's both wether you accompany each other , you have to look at the pro's & con's , I've been outside 12 years nearly but I do know that there is not many Married Quarters left , General service or Submarine service you still have the same problem , where to live if we go accompanied , !!!!!!!!!! good luck :wink:
  3. Xav, I cannot comment on the normal lenght of deployment of black pigs as I was never a sun doger and I have been out for 12 years, but I would like to point out that there is no gauntee that you will make it into submarines, you could end up in the surface fleet where deployments can (very very rarely) be in excess of 12 months. I served on 2 ships, and had 2 deployments the longest was for 7 months. A draft however is something entirely different and this is what your other half has probably been told about, this is where you join a ship (boat) or shore establishment and will generally be as long as the service requires.
  4. Have a butchers here Xav. might find what you need. Good luck.
  5. Parcels and pongos get posted....matelots get drafted :wink:
  6. just looked at g rivets naval link, do the submariners of today really dress like that or was it for the video. most of our time at sea was spent in 1000 milers ( t shirt ) shorts and flip flops, cleanish 1000 milers for going ashore.
  7. Not any more - in the JPA era matelots are "assigned" !
  8. just another question and thanks to everyone's replies so far!

    If the missus decides not to come to where i am based as her career is going pretty well in Wakefield; when not at sea i will be on base for four months, is it easy enough to travel to and from home on the weekends?or other free time and how is your holiday/ vacation time sorted out

    not been able to get too many answers regarding Navy Life and it is the little things ie the logistics of moving around as bought a house together 6 months ago and in the process of fixing it up!!

    thanks again
  9. Most of the time you can "weekend", depending on how your boss feels or what the boat is doing you can get away Friday lunch time, come back early Monday morning. If you're lucky you might get away earlier, come back later. Occasionally you'll have to stay and do a weekend duty (stay onboard, keep the place safe, respond to problems).
  10. thanks for that!!
  11. Commuting sucks after a while though. Your missus might be able to transfer up here. As for earlier comment about going to ships, if you have all your limbs and cn nearly spell submarine, your in.... we recruit direct to S/M now in most branches and the chance to return to skimmer world has been removed from the contract (not that you would take the pay drop to go and scrub out a grey funnelled jetty fender)
    There are a few lads who have commuted all their careers cos the missus feels safe at home with a good job and family close, but it is up to you both to decide when you are in.

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