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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ProudNavyWife(tooBe), Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. As some of you who have read my last topic I have a place to go to University to train as an ODP next year. I really want to join the Royal Navy and am thinking about whether I really want to study for two more years after this one.

    Clearly I need to be in Faslane, because my husbands on Vangard and we really enjoy life up here. I have been through the RN website and 4 careers interest me.

    Dental Assistant, Medical Assistand, Stores Accountant, and Mine Warfare Spec.

    I am slightly put off by the lenght of training for MA, and whether it would be like a HCA in the NHS.

    I like the look very much of Dental assistant and really think I could make a long term career here, it looks like its shore based and seems to have great development protential (possible to get dental radiograhy or hygenist) Do you think I could be in Faslane as a Dental Assistant?

    Mine Warfare has short training and I like the idea of serving on a small ship and I would like to go to sea at some point. Although I worry about how many tours you would do. Does anyone know just how much time away you have in this branch?

    I know when my husbands group got there SA drafts there where females who went to Faslane but I believe for 9 months on the job training. Is it possible to stay up here as a female SA?

    Any Help would be gratefully recieved - My desire is growing.

    On the plus point 7lbs lost in 2 weeks! LONG WAY TO GO! been very over weight all my life but what better goal then joining up! Not doing nothing crazy (been there done that and lost a few stone and more comes back on - just eating healthy and started using the RSR gym up here)

    Thanks Guys
  2. sorry for bumping old threads but i will try and answer the questions

    yeah there is a chance but its a very small department, so the chances are slim

    as i mentioned in your last thread, you spend alot of time at sea and i mean alot, and now with 4 ships permanently in the gulf there is a good chance you will do multiple tours out there

    tbh i would say no as you will be a sea going rating and small ships dont have SA's onboard, so you wont get a sea draft up there

  3. Ah just think though - you could become a GP if you progress to officer when you leave and be on £100,000 per year. Nice thought.
  4. Congrats on losing some weight .

    Serious advice, Have you ever heard of someone wanting to have their cake and eat it?

    A career in the navy will entail some sea time and seperation.
  5. the training for MA IS long because there is a lot of subjects to cover and during that period it would certainly be down South,unlike a NHS HCA an MA is a mixture of Paramedic,doctor,Nurse Pharmacist rolled into one Aas an AB rate MA there is limited chance of Seatime other than Carriers or Amphibs,as an LMA you deploy on Frigates with sole responsibility for Medical matters except if you deploy or go to war and you will have a medical Officer allocated,you will have to check whether you can do Subs or Marines but there where no women other wrens in my day. As a Poma then its normally anything on water with the added responsibility of being custodian of the brufen for the Senior rates mess so in summary, it is more likely you will spend more time south than North,addittionally the Medical Branch is more triservice than most other Branches so the chances of being based with percy Pongo ina tent in Iraque is more of a possibility

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