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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by tentoes, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. Both my brake lights stopped working today, bulbs ok, fuse ok, no voltage getting back to the bulb socket. So I popped the Brake light switch out, Continuity test is giving me an "intermitant" tone, I'm assuming the switch is fooked.
    Why am I posting this? Because I want to try and confirm my assumption was not the mother of all fookups, by getting the opinion of some of you Mechanical/Electrical types. Note I also didn't check the earths before I dived in and wrestled the switch out.:eh:
  2. Yeah, sounds like the switch is dead.

    First port of call should be a good hit of WD40, the contacts might be a bit manky.
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  3. Cheers 2deck, i'm guessing i'll end up searching for the earth as well at some point, farking vehicles.
  4. My guess would be the brake switch on the brake pedal.
    Get thy self under there and pull it out.
    You can test it on the bench to confirm your suspicions.
    Can't be that expensive to replace, my VW brake switch was about $30 US Last month.

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