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being apart....



Bit nervous as this is my first post on this site, but here it goes.....

My boyfriend is going to be starting his initial officer training very soon and it has been a tricky few weeks for us leading up to him leaving for Dartmouth.

I have a few questions that have been on my mind for a while and wondered if anyone on here could help:

Realistically how often can I expect to be in contact with him whilst he is training? (I appreciate that he is going to be very busy and that he is not allowed to leave the college until week 5 for families weekend)

How does families weekend work?

Does anyone not live with their partner who is currently serving in the navy? (for example has chosen not to move to Culdrose) Can this work?

Would greatly appreciate any advice or insight :)

Thanks :) x
No idea. He'll be busy, but there are OCs on here who'll be better informed.

Families weekend - you all turn up, look at BRNC, you're allowed to take him home for the night.

I've done entire jobs not living with my girlf/fiancée/wife (same person, different points in life!). It's hard, it's doable, you just have to work out between you how to do it.
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