Being an XO (Submarine)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dr_Acula, Dec 13, 2010.

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  1. Passed my AIB in late November and got my letter offering me a place last Saturday.
    I originally applied for Warfare Officer general service but I've been offered a place on submarines instead. Whilst I don't have a problem with this, I wasn't expecting it and as such don't know much of the training process (I know you get your dolphins instead of IWO(f)) and the life/role of an XO on a submarine.

    If anyone could let me know what I can expect in detail, that'd be bloody brilliant. Will be going to Dartmouth late 2011 so plenty of time for me to get clued up ;)
  2. Grief! Aiming a bit high aren't you XO on a boat should take you the best part of five, six years if yer lucky. Unless they are appointing them straight from Part two training!!
    I'd get your training done then your part 1& 2 submarine training get a boat and get your part 3 passed etc before worrying about being an XO.
    Bon chance et courage!

  3. Yeah I meant my job title is 'Warfare Officer' :p This is why I need information, I have no idea what goes on lol :)

    What's it like living on a submarine?
  4. As far as I'm aware it's quite similar to the regular warfare Officer training programme, with a few Submarine-related additions. After your Initial Warfare Officer's Course you do the Basic Submarine Warfare Course which is 13 weeks at Raleigh I believe. You are then attached to a boat for 4 months earning your Dolphins. Once you actually get appointed you'll serve a few years before being invited to do the FNO (Frigate and Navigating Officer's Course) at Collingwood. After a few years you'll then get invited to attend the Advanced Warfare Course which is 6 months at Collingwood and will allow you to be able to serve as a Watch Leader. Again, you'll get attached to a boat or two and if your good enough you'll be invited to attend the Submarine Command Course (Perisher). If you pass you'll then get appointed as the XO of a boat before gaining your own command a few years later. But Perisher, etc are a long way down the line obviously, plus during this time you'll spend a year or two with shore jobs.

    I was really lucky and got to spend 5 days at the start of this month onboard HMS Victorious. I basically shadowed the Warfare Officers onboard and would definitely recommend the Submarine Service! The atmosphere is way more relaxed and very little of it was formal (lots of piss-taking from Officers to Rating and vice-versa). The only downside was sleeping - you work 6 hours on, 6 hours off - so you'll get a maximum of 5 hours sleep or so per night, but you just split your sleep into two off-watch segments. The racks are also pretty small but since you don't sleep much you usually drift off pretty quickly and don't notice!

    The Warfare Officer's jobs when I was onboard ranged from Navigation (being on the bridge as the sun came up in the middle of the sea was an experience!), Watchkeeping (i.e. Driving the Boat), Periscope Watchkeeping and keeping us POC's entertained! :p :p
  5. AWC is done at the RN SM School in RALEIGH; you'll do at least 2 Watch Leader jobs before heading to SMCC (Perisher), which will add up to around about 4 years.

    Entry to BRNC to SMCC will take about 14 years (or so), so don't be expecting to be an XO on a SSN/SSBN any time soon.....

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