Being A Naval Wife

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by MissWirral, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. hi im getting maried in feb 2013 and my oh is in the navy
    and im just wondering what the benefits are being a naval wife
    thanks for any help x
  2. Lol non I can think of.
    Maybe the feeling that you have a new husband after every trip away on a grey ship.
    Seriously. Very hard to be a Naval wife. Not many are successful. Good luck to you.
  3. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    Group sex is one that springs to mind.

    Thanks Angie and 'Scouse' '80/81', never to be forgotten by any of the four of us I'm sure. I still frequently 'use' the memory as it were.

    No doubt your chaps had a good deployment as well.

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  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    If you're lucky you'll get to meet the Marines :)

    Apart from that you'll get a nice married quarter, a network of naval wives for support, a choir to sing in and as the navy shrinks you'll also get your hubby at home more often.
  5. My wife refused to be known as a naval wife, she said she was a wife who's husband happened to be in the navy. When she came out to Hong Kong to join me on my married accompanied draft, our quarter was in an army camp. What joy, "wife of"! What this "wife of" sais she who must be obeyed. What is your husbands rank, sais the man. What has that got to do with anything sais her.
    So went the next 2 1/2 years, at one stage the RSM who was a neighbour suggested I sort her out. You try and sort her out sais me. But eventually the system accepted her attitude, she even got a job, working in the camp for the army. She never became friends with the RSM or his wife, but liked the Colonel and had his ear. Made her even more unpopular with certain members of the brown brigade. But we enjoyed it.
    But having your husband in any service (except the crabs) is the hardest job you will ever do. It takes an exceptional woman to survive it, statistics show not many do. We have been married 40 years in 6 months time, and it's been brilliant. The one thing you must have is a sence of humour, because pusser hasn't.
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  6. My wife's most hated phrase of her existence with me was from other wives; "and what is your husband"? (meaning rank).

    Still, like pie.thatcher, have been married 2 months short of 40 years and still going strong.

    The OP needs to ask is she marrying the bloke or the service. The service is just a job that does mess lives around. Long term however, the benefits are worth the anguish of naval life. Like any relationship, you get out what you put in! Life ain't all roses!
  7. Not as old as some we have clocked up 33yrs next week 18 in the mobile. When ask what I was in the navy her in doors would say he is a sailor, when asked what rank she would say no idea as she got a husband and father at home and the navy gets a sailor.
    Not an easy job, the separation for the wife's can be very hard it takes a strong type to sort out all needs to be done and on their own on many occasions
    Good look the horrible parting are made good by the home comings, well until you get passed of with a messy sailor in your house?
  8. Yep, fully agree. The husband has the rate/ rank. Not you stupid (usually) fat whore. Stop clinging on to others achievements. After I registered as married, Mrs Froggers got a pack saying where all the coffee meetings were etc. Seriously, she has ******* doctorate, she is not retarded (actually...). She needs to know who to call int the event of deaths etc not where to get a friggin wet!
  9. What do you have in mind re the benefits, MW?
  10. You now get defence discount under the new government scheme as a spouse of a servicemen otherwise it's the married service person who get's benefits over the single person per say.

    Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Not meaning to be rude, but if you're getting married in a couple of weeks to someone in the navy and have no idea what this sort of life will mean what has your OH been doing, and what have you been doing to not find out before now ?

    Talk to the girls on Rear Party, the other bit of RR......... they'll be a mine of information no doubt.

    Cultivate a very independent streak, fast, it'll stop you defining yourself by hubbie's rank.Always be doing something for yourself, no matter where the navy plonks you- work, hobbies etc. And keep your own counsel, don't talk about private stuff with other wives, keep it private or for long-term trusted friends you may have outside the service.

    Best of British.
  12. Dont live on the married patch. Awful depressing back stabbing place

    Get a nice place away from it all and have a set of friends not related too the mob and who aren't interested of your OH is a PO/CPO or orificer
  13. I concur ref keeping private matters private.
    But be mindful of backlash.
    In our instance I remarried and ended up living in married quarters. 4 doors down was a good mate who had go through the same situation. We had known each other 15 years or so plus being both Tiffs we were both Chiefs.
    Between us we 3 couples who.m x
  14. Hmmm? Bit stuck on the comprehension here old chap.
  15. Maybe the 3 couple's suddenly get excited together
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  16. was hoping on MQ for first year or so of living in plymouth till i get to know my way around etc
  17. I'm intrigued now, do carry on old chap.
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  18. Sorry got cut off.
    We moved in about a month apart. Everyone was very friendly but there was a definite 'undercurrent'
    We were somewhat older than the locals. So did not participate in the 3am raves being hosted in the house next door. We mainly kept to ourselves. I served on the same ship as my mate. So we're often away on deployment together. After a few years things deteriorated and we were accused of being 'snooty' well **** me. All because we never 'mixed in' we tried to keep to ourselves. The locals were forever stabbing one another in the back. One bitch dragged another out of her house and beat the shit out of her because she screwed her husband whilst hers was away at sea.
    Glad as **** to get out of there.
    So. Married life is hard. Harder still living in married quarters.
  19. You've got it. Anyone who thinks different is either mental or mental.

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