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Being a Moderator (its not that good you know)

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Bad_CO said:
Nutty said:

We did that and AAC, with his seat in the Mother of Parliaments, his access to all current and future legalization, press reports and most other research material. Together with his generally liberal view f the world was voted for by a COUNTRY MILE to replace S-D as MOD on the current affairs thread.

Totally ignored by th management.

Nutty :twisted:

I must have missed this - can you please point me at the thread where this happened?

Bad CO you could start here.


Bad CO may I also bring your attention to your posting


Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 1:08 pm Post subject: Re: Site Moderators.

I think everyone needs to calm down a bit on this thread. A few thoughts:

1. I strongly agree that RR needs a separate identity from ARRSE and this is something we have always tried to generate. From a personal point of view, I actually think this has happened which I'm pleased about.

2. Unfortunately moderators (and admins) can never please all the people all of the time and that is life. This can make it a real thankless task - especially when you get abused by both sides of a debate. Sometimes this boils over into frustration and mods say things they perhaps shouldn't. Remember everyone is human!

3. When we started RR we needed people who we could trust and therefore it was inevitable that it would be RN types from ARRSE who would get the nod. As time has passed and site usage increased we have tried to select new mods exclusively from RR users.

4. If there is a major groundswell of opinion that says x or y should be a mod then we will definitely take a look at them .....

Hope this clarifies our position
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andym said:
How was i to know it had been deleted???It dissapeared in seconds!I thought it hadnt been recognised by the system so reposted it.HAD seadog the good manners and gumption to have put a reason for deletion on there then i wouldnt have had to repost it.And then he goes on to fictionalise just what i posted !!!!Blatant lying!No more ,No less!
Totally agree here, I had a post deleted so quickly with no reference, pm or otherwise so posted it again thinking it had not gone through (which does happen) and the only way I knew was when the deleter whinged about it later. It would be extremely helpful if a reason for deletion was given, even if it is a "I deleted it because I don't like what you say and I am able to do so" comment.
I have no choice now but to change my posting style as it has become clear that some of the mods want me off this site, I know my banter and wind ups' don't sit well with some, this was the same in the mob, I understand that people have different levels when it comes to sense of humour. Some of my opinions are not wind ups' however, and I do have fairly strong views on some things but I now understand that I need to be a bit more delicate about the way I post.Thanks to CO for the heads up and having the decency to contact me. For the mods who want me banned, I also understand that you may have been too shy to pm me and thought it better to get together and contact me via the CO but I am quite approachable really, feel free to message me if you have a problem, I don't bite (often). :wink:
Right, I will now endeavour not to upset the moderators, I will try my best.
Nuff said.


Lantern Swinger
Ladies and Gents. I think between this topic and its counterpart, everyone with an opinion has had their chance. I'm now locking these topics to stop this going round in circles. Any problems with this, please pm me...

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