Being a medical assisstant (Gen ser)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by MoldMan, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. [hr]
    First off hi all im new to this site,

    Im wanting to join the Royal Navy as a medical assisstant, obviously a rating, just wondered if anyone has served as this and would give me any advice or ideas from previous experiences you may hav had?


  2. just learn how to give out ibrufen shipmate and you will be fine
  3. There's obviously a long wait - be aware it's just as possible to end up at the front line in Afghanistan as on a ship.
  4. I was an MA,but theres no point in me telling you anything.Its all changed since my day,plus its not like i had any Sea Time either.Suffice to say,i thoroughly enjoyed my time as an MA.
  5. Tanks for your help guys :) it really sounds good i cant wait to apply.
  6. im joining as a MA too i cant wait , im mega looking forward to it .... my joining dates feb 2012 and i applied feb 2010 so its a 2 year wait for me .... but i think the waiting lists have gone up more for people applying now.... but apart from that people who i have spoken to that are MAs have said they generally enjoy it an its rewarding as a career..... good luck for the future :D
  7. One thing i will say is take EVERY oppertunity to observe and take part in as much Medical stuff as you can.Generally the MO's and Senior Nursing Staff are more than happy to teach you.Its all too easy to just bimble along and not making the best of your time.Depending on your Viewpoint,you are VERY,VERY lucky to be embarking on a Medical Career where you WILL be facing exactly what you were trained to do!Its an oppertunity not to be squandered.It will serve you well if you carry on your Medical Career in Civvy St.Not that many people can have the same front line experiences as you will be privileged to.If it were possible,i would be over in Afghanistan like a shot given the chance.I eventually did my RGN in civvy st and worked in ITU and CCU for 17 years,specialising in aneasthetics and Mechanical/Artificial Ventilation,and i miss it terribly.Sadly working as a Drugs Rep pays far better than an RGN!Good money but the job is like watching paint dry!Just enjoy what will be the most rewarding of careers,you will ever get!
  8. Hello, I'm appling as an MA too, did my RT in Jan 2010 so not long before you. Did you get a starting date once your CRB and Security went through? i'm still waiting for my CRB as they changed the forms but i was told 18months (June2011) at my interview and i know the waiting lists keep changing but still keeping my hopes up!?... :)

    RT: Passed
    Interview: Passed
    Medical: Passed
    Fitness: Passed
    CRB & Security: Waiting
  9. Are you from Mold?

    If so we best lock up the controlled drugs!!! :D
  10. Ha, no im not from Mold, it is my last name.... great.

    Moldman :D
  11. i spent a short time as an MA i was not very good all my oppos were to afraid to go ashore in case they had a heart attack and I was a no hoper .but go for it Mold you will have a good life
  12. quick question ???.... theres a bit of confusion over the traing bit for a MA i followed the information on the web and the handout i have got that 2 months are spent at HMS Sultan (for what im not sure) then the 20 weeks at aldershot which is the one i know is for definate. but many friends in the RN have never heard of going to HMS sultan .... so any MAs out there or careers advisors etc could you tell me where you definalty have your training and how long?? just so i know the truth and can tell friends whether their right or wrong :D
    cheers.. :)
  13. The Sultan part is for submariner MA's, it's where they do the Health Physics part of their training. It used to be done at the Institute of Naval Medicine (INM) at Alverstoke.
  14. cool thankyou good bit of information and its goodish to know that wont concern me ... thanks :)
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It may do...

    The attestation form (S3049) the bit that all Naval personnel (males & females) physically "sign-on" states the following (and has done for many years):

    Nothing's been announced officially or unofficially but it's believed that females may well be able to serve in the submarine service in the not too distant future.

    Discussion thread on this issue here:

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