Behaviour of HMS Cornwall Crew in Iran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Bergen, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. There has been a lot of rubbish printed about the behaviour of the captured British Servicemen during the time that they were being held by Iran. A lot of the more idiotic comments have been from people who should know better, particularly in the USA.

    Here is a link to Commander Jeff Huber USN (Ret.) - he writes more sense than any journalist on this subject.

  2. A well written and thought out essay. A nice change from some of the recent rubbish from all those Armchair Admirals.
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I particularly liked this paragraph, seems to apply to a lot of other folks without even Colonel Jacobs' service record or experience!

    "With all due (and well deserved) respect to Colonel Jacobs and his magnificent service record, he displays the classic symptoms of the Pavlov's Dogs of War syndrome. Like many U.S. military officers of his generation, he can think analytically about military and foreign policy issues, but only up to a certain level. At some point, his cognitive processes short circuit and migrate from the head on his neck to somewhere below his belt."
  4. That man should be MSNBCs military analyst, not that red neck Army rupert prat, if men like the writer were in greater power I am sure there would be a bit common sense before all guns went in blazing.

    Oh and another thing, with people like the MSNBC Commentator in such high command, it is not doubt that the US Armed Forces have struggled to gain hearts and minds in Iraq!
  5. Would I be right in thinking that the USofA don't do 'hearts and minds' even towards their allies if we look at the results of certain friendly fire episodes (doubt if they do it to each other even!) ain't Gung Ho to be sensible and nice! (but firm)
  6. Well done Jeff Huber . I had a look at previous observations he had written and they are quite interesting . I think the truth will all come out of America when Dubya gets his draft chit next year ???? Cronies and shady dealing .
  7. In the midst of the frenzy of acusations directed towards the Cornwall's boarding party it is good to see some common dog. If only more yanks where like this guy.
  8. I'm glad that there is someone over that side of the pond who's really got his finger on the pulse of reality. Can anyone persuade him to run for president?
  9. There are very few on this "side of the pond" (apart from on this site), who have had anything helpful to say on the matter. Even the MOD, (who must be backed by the Government), are hanging these people out to dry with their latest cretinous decision. Can't one of the RN/RM senior officers speak out and put an end to this madness?

  10. I get so bloody pissed off with all the 'experts' second guessing the actions of the hostages. :x I can only hope that if I were ever in a similar situation I could handle it as well as they did. BZ to CMDR Huber.
  11. if he were to run for president, he wouldn't get enough cash to actually win.
  12. CDR Jeff Huber also posts regularly at the American political blog, Daily Kos. This same diary was posted there. If any of you care to wallow in the uninformed opinions of the "military-hating far-left wing", you can find your mire here.

    Unfortunaely, our top-shelf anarchists have not shown up in force. So you might have to settle for some almost rational observations.

    footnote stuff:

    Daily Kos is a big posting community set up to support the American Democratic Party. It's owned privately (by a guy nicknamed 'Kos') but hundreds post there and thousands read what is posted. It is branded as a 'far-left wing' hotsptot of radiacalism. But it's branded that way by right-wingers such as Rupert Murdoch and his ilk. It's more accurate to say it is an 'enthusiastic, motivated, and pissed' left-wing community. The mainstream of Daily Kos is composed of practical-minded people, not bomb-throwers. The point of Daily Kos is to help win elections, after all.

    Since the comments of a few of our right-wing bomb-throwers have made it over to your shores, perhaps these comments from the 'dirty hipppies' will come as a welcome contrast. (Or perhaps you're getting tired of all this, and it's time for me to shut up. Own hint taken.)
  13. Kos rational? ahahaha.

    Very sad, Great Britain, very sad. When the only Americans you agree with are the worst left wing nut jobs in America and who would, without a single doubt, abandon Great Britain to her own devices in the future if they could.

    Say what you want about the right wing, they are the ones who still retain any sort of kinship with England and affection for her.

    Just as you don't expect the left wing in Britain to go to America's aid in any conceivable future, you don't expect the left wing in America to help Britain as well.

    Can't you even understand this?

    All the social problems that make people so sick of England, the same people in Kos are trying to push them in America.

    Very sad, very sad, when HM's website is chock a block with leftist ballbags.




  14. Back again American_Dominion?
  15. I'm sorry, but you take a cool rational look at the forums you moderate, and see what kind of breeding ground they have become.

    You take a look. How could you live with yourself?
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Man in Middle again! Give it a rest, get a life.
  17. Man in the middle.What do you want on here? Do you get off on the attention? You say''How can we live with ourselves'' Well many members of this site and myself have done more than our fair share.So we can live with ourselves.May I ask what have you done? .You still posting from Israel by any chance? Sort your IP address out mate before you get banned again.
  18. I'm sorry, I'm not American, neither British, but I cannot bear to see this kind of absolute cretinism carry on without comment.

    Have you not noticed that many of the strident anti-Americans on here are Islamists stirring shit up? Or people who have a grudge towards America, like leftists or even East Europeans?

    The last time I noticed, Americans were not the ones carrying on in their mosques in your country saying they will buy and sell you like cattle. Of course, they are the extremist fringe, should be excused! Then how come one comment from one American commentator brought forth such sweeping remarks about Americans in general?

    Blaming America for all your ills is lazy, stupid and lazy and typical of a left wing agenda that encourages people not to think but adopt reflexes that make you easier to control.

    Racism is bad. Yes it is bad, but anti-racism has gotten so totalitarian in Europe that the police cannot act in entire towns like Malmo or the banelieus of France because they will be accused of racism.

    Discrimination is bad. Yes it is bad, but accusations of discrimination has gotten so totalitarian that no one points out that the small proportion of immigrants conduct the majority of rapes and gang rapes in Sweden.

    Labelling is bad. Yes it is bad, but how come no one points out that the vast majority of Islamic states come in rock bottom in terms of human rights, education, GDP and scientific thought, and that 75% if not more of conflicts around the world involve Muslims?

    The future of Europe is demographic disaster, and it will have to work with America to preserve the values of the West or even to save itself. Yet, for one incident in history, America is forever condemned by people piling onto the leftist bandwagon.

    Every Shiite beheaded by a Sunni in Iraq is the fault of an American. Every Sunni shot in the head by a Shiite in Iraq is the fault of an American. The supreme white bwana racial superiority attitude - the Iraqis are not people, they cannot be held accountable for their actions. Everything is America's fault. The ultimate racists - the left.

    If Europe is so hot, so virtuous, so moral, so right, why are the long term propects so dim? What did Europe do for Great Britain in the recent incident, it even refused to consider suspending economic ties as a pressure point!

    Sure you think the Americans are too warmongering, but save Iraq, what choice did it have in Afghanistan? What choices are there for Iran?

    The leftist viewpoint is, we disarm, the rest of the world will follow our moral creed and follow us into lollipop land. Really. Or more likely they will laugh at you and divvy up your international assets?

    Iran has shown it is willing to fund both Shiite fighters, Al Qaeda fighters and nationalist fighters like Al Sadr to kill British and American troops. Now what will it do with nukes?
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  20. And you leftist twerps don't give me that shit about Iran going for nukes because of the Iraq invasion either. Pakistan was shipping nuke knowledge and equipment there before even the Afghan invasion.
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