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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Random, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. You may have noticed a new website has been launched by a Quaker Charity (the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust).

    If you have missed the press barrage that has come with it .. the site can be found here

    Its intention is to try and fully inform potential recruits about what they are getting into .. (though it may take some time before it fully achieves this).
  2. What, you mean the AFCO doesn't ?

    I was asked prior to joining about the possibility of killing for Q and C, wasn't anyone else? And wasn't anyone else ALSO told about the possibility of Death in service? I was.
  3. I dont think there is anything new that most young poeple havent considered they tend to be the ones who have had the ambition for many years,it would be a worthy site for older guys who see Armed forces jobs in the Job centre and see the attraction of security regular income,without the down side that some of the conditions impose, the only part i dont agree with the para on alcholism,depression and PSTD, as whilst it occurs,is less than civvy street
    well i better go and have a few vodkas take my pills and kick the cat
  4. A very poor website, whilst I doubt any potential recruit themselves will pay much attention to the website, a worried parent might.
  5. Questions to ask recruiters and questions to ask yourself...

    Would I have to kill as part of my job?
    Would I come under fire as part of my job?

    Well i would have thought that the title of Soldier in The Army would make those 2 questions redundant.

    What is 'conscientious objection to military service'?

    Well if they are a conchie,dont fecking join!

    How would you feel about having to kill as part of your job (which you may have to do even if you were not in a front-line role)?
    How would you feel about coming under fire and being at risk of losing your life (which is possible for all personnel even if not in a front-line role)?

    Well thats in the job Description surely,its like being a Farmer then complaining about not wanting to work outdoors or drive tractors!!!!

    Bloody do gooders!What a waste of money that report was.
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    In all fairness, and having had a good look around that website, I think it is a good read, a lot of questions answered there that may seem difficult to ask at the AFCO. Despite being presented by what is essentially a "pacifist" organisation it doesn't over egg the downside and backs up most of its claims by quoting reliable sources (AF continuous attitude survey etc) I expected it to be like something the Peace Pledge Union (PPU- white poppies and all that other crap) would produce (partially funded by the JRT I believe)
  7. While my first response was to dismiss this site as seditious nonsense, it will help to keep the recriuters honest. I know that recruits are'nt being told porkie pies these days, but it wer'nt always thus.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Just had a quick peruse (5 minutes worth)- there's a lot of factual errors, such as terms & conditions, return of service & such like.

    You'd think they would at least & try to tell the truth. I started to email a list of corrections to them, but then thought, "Nah, let them wallow in ignorance & inaccuracy". If you want the correct advice, you go to the relevant official website.

    Anyone that reads & believes the stuff on that site is very welcome to it.
  9. There is no doubt that the Armed Forces mislead recruits, paricularly in their adverts.
    For instance you always see Service personnel climbing mountains, jumping out of planes and allegedly fixing state of the art equipment. You don't see the more common sight of someone scrubbing decks, stood on guard or looking at an outdated broken piece of kit that they don't have a clue how to fix or can't be bothered.

    Yes their are many good points- pay,pension,travel etc, but probably understandingly but no doubt being far less than truth the negatives are rarely mentioned.
  10. Have you EVER seen a job advertised with the negatives included in it? :thumright:
  11. Drat my plan to get them some decent feedback has failed :crash: , how they respond to the feedback would show whether they are serious about trying to provide a source of impartial information (and bone questions) or whether its just a gimmick and will be gone in a year.

    Edit: to get my smiley working
  12. I t could be a pissed of sailior random
  13. my interview was fairly recently, and both of these happened. more importantly, i had considered both before i even walked in the door of the AFCO. as any sensible individual would.
  14. Anybody who even considered joining in the present climate and didn't realise that they were putting themselves on the line surely should be shown the door anyhoo, on the grounds of mental deficiancy.
  15. I can't remember being asked any questions about my willingness to kill or be killed during my recruitment interviews. Perhaps they thought that 16 year olds who'd already spent 6 years of their lives in air raid shelters of one sort or another, dodging bombs/V1s/V2s, didn't need to have the bleedin' obvious pointed out to them!

  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If you took the time to comprehensively read the literature & watch the DVD's you will indeed see people scrubbing out, reference made to menial aspects, the dangers & suchlike. Admittedly it never used to be as blatantly obvious, and there was a heavy bias toward the positive aspects, but certainly for the last 10 years at least, it's a far more balanced view. Again we are hardly likely to keep going on and on about the fact you will be expected to serve in areas of conflict, anymore than the building trade would loudly proclaim they have the UK's highest mortality rate. (Currently Five times that of the Armed Forces).

    Our standard presentation which we give to schools, colleges & prospective candidates includes all the perceived negative aspects such as conflict, separation, homesickness, injury, political beliefs, religious beliefs, discipline and allows us to be be quite frank about the bad bits- not many employers would allow you to rip their company to pieces, before you even start.

    As 2BM states when he joined it was fairly apparent to most. Do we need to labour the blindingly obvious in a similar vein to writing on a packet of peanuts: "May contain nuts" ?

    Perception is in the eye of the beholder.
  17. I joined in 1963 and left in 1985. My Falklands time was spent trialing and transporting the sea skua missile in Wales.
    because of this I did not get either a medal or a chance to participate in the war.
    Now my question is, was I just luckier than most and do I have a fighting chance of suing the government for lots of dosh because I wasn't sent and could not do the job that I was trained for (fighting the enemy)?
  18. Was not too impressed with the site to be honest (though I only looked at the section for people wanting to join the Navy).

    All the "questions" and points they were making seemed kind of obvious to me, and I knew the answers to them all before reading (through doing minimal research and reading AFCO literature).

    Anyone who thinks that joining the Armed Forces will be one big fairground ride start to finish is a moron. Anyone who isn't aware they need to potentially kill someone or be killed themselves in the Navy is a moron. Anyone who thinks there wont be boring or menial jobs to do in the Navy is a moron.

    Basically my conclusion is, if you didn't know any of these "revelations/facts" then you are a moron, and shouldn't join up.
  19. This is all covered in the thread below:

    Recruiting children?

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