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Hi all, just another question. I've started running every morning for 45 minutes, and have been for the last few weeks, and I know everyone says a good brekfast is essential, I eat porraige with jam but was wondering is it better to eat before or after training?? or not somthing to worry about either way? Cheers
You shouldn't eat before you go training so they say. If you do eat don't train until a couple hours later they reckon. But I'm not an expert
Depends on the distances and therefore pace you are running in 45mins. Should be around 7 miles assuming you are under 25. Most runners I know do not eat large amounts before setting off, they eat complex carbs (pasta etc) 3-4hrs before as it takes that long to digest them and become available to your blood and increase your glycemic index (available glycogen to muscles). I have read that the glycemic benefit of a high carb meal can remain for 12-16 hrs if not used up by exercise, but shortly before exercise a boost of quick carbs like a jam sandwich (jam for sugar, bread for carbs) can help, eg for footballers help reduce the second half fade. Dextrose and sport bars, gels etc also claim the same, I like the gel as its easily digestible and doesnt "come back" so easily, but the jam sarnie seems to work just as well if you give it 30-45 mins to go down.

Bodybuilders who train their muscles into fatigue eat protein after exercise for "recovery", but I think the important thing for you is stretching and warming down and plenty of water to reduce injuries or their impact.
Before I go to the gym I eat some porridge with jam about 2hrs before I go gym, then eat a banana half an hour later. Seem's to work for me, gives me all the energy I need to train quite hard.


Lantern Swinger
If you tend to go running in the mornings, it would be best for you to do the same as what I do each morning. As soon as you get up, eat a small cerial (maybe 5 spoonfulls) and half a and banana or something, nothing too much though. Be sure to do this as soon as your outta bed so that it has some time to digest while you are pattering about getting showered and brushing your teeth ect... This will provide you with some good energy to run on but not give you stitch or other stomach problems during the run.

But never run on an empty stomach, that will probably give you even worse stitches and stomach problems.
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