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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by harris6332, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. I'm currently in my first year of a degree, and only recently begun to develop an interest in joining the Royal Navy as an officer. I've read through the forums and gained information about the Interview Boards, Britannia, etc... but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of things that I could be doing now, so that in two years time I will be going into the process in a strong position. You have the obvious things: Getting fit, completing your degree, etc... but I didn't know if there were any skills, qualifications, and the like, that could be gained over the next two and a bit years that would stand me in good stead. Cheers in advance for the replies
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    Try to involve yourself in clubs and societies that will add to your leadership potential and enhance your cv beyond just the academic aspect. Joining the Uni Officer Cadets or volunteering to work with local cadet units as an adult can certainly give a good insight and provide leadership opportunities. Duke of Edinburgh awards are excellent, making yourself financially independent with a part time job is useful, captaining sports teams, joining debating societies, student union, etc, all good.
  3. Welcome to Rum Ration, Harris6332.

    Which subject are you studying at Uni?

    Do you already have a particular Officer role in mind?
  4. This might help if your thinking of officer aircrew!!!

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  5. Be yourself.
  6. Thank you already for the suggestions

    I'm studying History and Politics at Uni, and at the moment I was probably looking towards Warfare Officer
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    Actually remarkably similar to my own situation, about to enter my third year though. Good luck, hopefully I'll see you in the fleet in a few years!
  8. If you go for a position in a sports team committee then go social sec, free entry to clubs on nights out and drinks vouchers :D also it means negotiating and communicating with a wider range of people- plus the training you go on via the SU is quite good! Good luck for the rest of your degree, enjoy your dissertation.
  9. As with JCT, very similar to myself, just finishing 3rd year now and hoping to get fit and pass my medical this year. In terms of furthering yourself, run for an elected position in your SU/get involved with clubs and societies and get on the committees, get involved with RAG, generally put yourself out there as much as possible. As the RM Captain said to me when he came to my uni, they're not looking at the degree you've got or what grades, they're looking for leadership potential.
  10. Don't wish to sound over-critical, just making a point.

    Why would somebody wait years and then hope to get fit? I would have thought that officer potential would include a regular regime of being adequately fit as part of a lifestyle.
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  11. I was being genuine when I said "be yourself". You shouldn't do anything simply because you want it to look good to Capt AIB. Under times of stress and pressure, you will revert to your core, irreducible self - that is who we need to know. If you're not some kind of of rugger playing, choppy hand leader, trying to make yourself simply to pass the AIB is pointless. If you want to play rugby, and find that you like it, and it becomes a new part of you, all well and good.

    Life as a RN Officer is not about the AIB, or indeed BRNC and MARL. It is much much more. I know (and most on here have worked for/with) Officers with nearly every leadership style and persuasion.

    As Bill Slim said, Leadership is just plain you.
  12. Understood and very valid point. I'm currently TMU for a reason that I've posted about before and at the minute, with dissertation, essays and revision for finals, I'm concentrating on them. However once they're out of the way, the fitness regime will kick in earnest. If you want to PM me about this, feel free
  13. No need to PM, the point's a general one, using what you posted rather than directed at you.
  14. I passed my AIB three weeks ago and begin my basic training at Dartmouth on the 5th of May! I haven't been to uni but I've travelled which shows independence and I'm a warranted leader at a local scout group! Getting into your URNU is good and you should also start revising weapons systems, boats, radar systems etc... I thought I knew enough and scrapped through my sift but I was completely out of my depth for the knowledge test at AIB (luckily knew enough though) naming ships and systems should be second nature as well as knowing about the marines and there vehicles! Any questions just shout!

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  15. Just out of curiosity Discovery what you going in as ? I've got my AIB on the 11th May and am going for Warfare Officer just wondering what the approx waiting time of getting a start date rumor has it warfare officers are in demand right now. Also for any seasoned RR users how do I go about changing my name after reading a few things I have realised it is a must
  16. I'm going in as a warfare officer, out of the 8 people at my selection half where going for warfare. I'm told warfare officers are in high demand though!

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  17. The next intakes would be September or November at Dartmouth I believe.

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  18. I got my welcome pack from Dartmouth two days after passing my AIB

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  19. Glad you are not going in as an Admin Officer!

    where or were?

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  20. Why even bother commenting? I was answering his question, if you have nothing better to do than occupy your time grammar checking these feeds you need to get a hobby...

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