Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Time we had some of this, I drink ale but there are some stonkin lagers,ciders and fruit beers out there, on hols last year hotel had a lager from Barcelona, Estrella....superb.
    First guzzler(sorry mate) from me is...

    Had a couple of these after training today.
    Caledonian Brewery

    Dry Dock, 4.1, stout, slight coffee taste, delish.
  2. St Mungo brewed in Glasgow by West Brewery (I think) - its lager; tip top.
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  3. Innis and Gunn. Another Scottish brew. Fermented in old oak whisky barrels.
  4. We were in Glasgow recently and had gone our seperate ways, as we do, SWMBO had decided to pop into a Starbuck's for a coffee and to use the WiFi. As they do, she was asked her name - 'why?' says she. 'So we can make your coffee' says they. 'Heather' says she. 'Oh' says he. 'Have you tried the Heather beer?'

    Long story short, the beer is called Fraoch, the Gaelic for Heather (it was featured in an episode of 'Ade in Britain' recently) and uses Heather and other weedy stuff, as hops don't grow in Scotland. We bought some in Asda (?) and it was surprisinly nice.
  5. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    half a Bass's Mild with half of Starkey, Knight and Fords Beer. 'Ansom. 11d a pint in the Kings Head PH Elburton. Long since taken over. Those were the days.
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  6. Passing through Porthmadog in Wails, stopped in the station bar and had a pint or two of, I think, purple moose? a local brew very nice, used it to wash down a blackbeef (ex local bovine)burger which was excellent.
  7. What abpout Watneys Kingpin, the favourite of all NAAFI clubs
  8. Serriously, how about Brickwoods Special Bitter, beautiful I don't think
  9. CSB was the one for me, aaaah the four o'clock club in the mess...happy daze.
  10. Lol 1 Brickwoods Sunshine ales ffs---weasel piss
  11. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    FirstTiger Tops... on first Far East Station commission.
  12. Purple Moose (Miw Piws in Welsh - see, it rhymes!) Brewed in Porthmadog but available in most of North Wales (particularly Snowdonia). They do quite a good range including a Christmas beer called Merry X-Moose.
  13. Try Fuggle dee Dum - Goddards Ale 4.8% abv
    Intensely flavoured, malty, hoppy, strong ale that makes your mouth water
  14. Foaming, frothing ales.

    Surprisingly, they do a fairly quaffable line in ale in your local ALDI - Ales, Lager and Cider

    I have drinked all the boxed sets I had - so I shall be off down to the shops again soon.
  15. Bottled, Wychwood Hobgoblin, Draught, Sharps Doombar.
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