Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by gregory.barron, Nov 30, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone. I am an Australian writing a novel that has a small section on board a RN destroyer. I was wondering if anyone can tell me
    1) Is there still a beer ration issued on these ships?
    2) Is the beer ration in cans or bottles?
    3) What brand of beer would it be?
    Thanks in advance
  2. -_- really?
  3. Why not a Dink Destroyer? :?
  4. I have not had my service mandated B.I.T.E course yet, DO wont authorise it... and as such i have no concept of this hunour.
  5. 1) Yes.
    2) Kegs.
    3) Special Brew.
    4) Would you like to come into the woods and help me look for my dog?
  6. It used to be, 3 cans, per man, per day, perhaps!
  7. I'll come if he don't :roll: :wink:
    Is it a "sausage dog" :?
  8. It's a hot dog. I'll let you lick his dogs lipstick if he will.
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    And I don't like cheese on it. :(
  10. What, that's the best bit!!
  11. I'm thinking on a day like this it must be a chilli dog.
  12. AC would say anything to get me in the tree line. He said something about his doggin the forest or summat. :? And something about a bone :roll:
  13. I'll bite.

    There is a beer ration, it is either 3 small coke can sized tins or 2 larger normal size tins. The brand varies depending on what the NAAFI man has been able to order, e.g. if you are in the Far East, it's highly likely there will be a lot of Tiger. Usually there is a choice i.e. a lager and a bitter and occasionally cider. The ration works by mess deck and the usual routine is to appoint a beer bosun. The beer bosun will collect the entire mess's issue each day and lock it in the fridge until after evening scran, then the fridge is opened and you put a tick by your name for each tin you take, it usually goes in rounds, i.e. you get all your oppo's tins on your chit then it goes around.

    At the end of the month you look at your chit, total up your bill and pay the beer bosun who will keep aside a portion of the funds for the mess, this slush fund is used to purchase things like new stereos, TVs etc. Officially only beer that is going to be drunk should be drawn by the beer bosun, but obviously not everyone in the mess drinks and often people are on watch so they can't drink, this means there is usually more than 2-3 cans available for those who want it. The rules for being drunk on board should be observed at all times however and if you behave like a twat you can be heavily punished for drinking more than your ration. Any left over beer is stashed away by the beer bosun and saved for big mess parties etc. Although the rules state that a mess is only allowed to store it's daily ration, if you go into any mess in the fleet there will be spare lockers and deckplate spaces stashed with extra beer.

    Everyone knows it happens like this and on the whole the hierarchy turn a blind eye to it as 99% of the time people behave themselves and act like grown ups. On rare occasions when people have been playing up the rules will be enforced or even total beer bans can be put on a mess until they clean up their act.
  14. You know it all happens on the moors!

    Where's Greg the Ozzie bite police gone?
  15. I love that name greg.
    We once had an RPO called Gregorey, Greg the Reg, how delightful.
    And a MAA called Guest. Guestapo, even better. :D
  16. And of course wine can now be included on your daily issue.
  17. Also, drinking from your oppo's pipe is another means.
  18. Golden showers? 8O
  19. Thank you for all the replies. Had a great laugh at the silly ones and thanks to 2 deck dash for telling me just what I needed for the story. Look out for a novel called 'Rotten Gods' hopefully in a year or two.
    cheers and all the best
  20. Nice one. Will it have any naked phots? I hope so. I have some of me and this dog, his name is Chocco, he's Danish and a right randy fcuker.

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