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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Richie, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. Just a moan rearly, I was 17 and a half when I was drafted to 845 Squadron on the Bulwalk in '67 (we flew out to Singers via a Crab Air Britania) went into 3E2 Mess, Killick of the mess was a 3 Badger, name of "Smith", he used to put my name on the Naaffi Beer List but wouldn't let me have any, he used to have it for himself, bastard?
  2. Not really mate, its standard practice :)
  3. Thats wot three badge killicks are there for to teach little 17 year old OD's that they are just pond life OD's. Did a good did't he.

    Or is it you never made killick and are all bitter and twisted.

    Nutty: I to was a Bastard

  4. That must be the longest remembered mank in Naval History

    40---fecking years. and I bet you got banned from the mess at tot
    time aswell :bball: :bball: :bball:

    :nemo: :nemo:
  5. surely the canman/LHOM could not account for a 17yo's beer? i was on F169 as a junior and dont remember being entitled to chit, but 'what got chitted in the mess stayed in the mess'. officially i couldn't drink, so the LHOM couldnt draw my beer from the CANMAN, and the mess was in the clear. Is my brain faddled from too much Piper, or do i recollect correct?
  6. Hermes (Fixed wing days) 5Ezoo Greenies mess - Beer bosun put all names on the list and bought it himself - selling it on to you on request with a extra 3d - 2d for the mess fund - 1d for him for doing the job - He later in life became the landlord of the Swan in Sidmouth - Yes - if you were UA (under age i.e. under 20) you did not go in the mess at tot time.
  7. They coudnt officaly account for him. But depends how much of a blind eye people are turning. A lot of peoples opinion is if your old enough to die for queen and country your old enough to have a few beers first
  8. Small bosun went and bought a crate or two if and when we needed it.....Joss inspected beer locker once a quarter, always one or two cans left in there .
  9. Poor Uncle Albert..... no wonder he sounds so bitter at times..... he was never old enough to receive his beer/rum ration! Bless! :biggrin:

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