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beer goggles!!


War Hero
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you can drink them pretty, but you can't drink them thin

And Lord knows I've tried hard enough......
From a shriveled up old slag, to Britney Spears..
More of a lateral move, I'd say. Especialy now that Brit is bald, and psychotic.
I have had some horrendous beer goggle moments in my time, always managed to muster the strenght for one last go in the morning though.. :oops:
My worst beer goggle episode was when I woke up and found out I had promised to take the sea hag (who looked lovely the night before), onto my ship for navy days. Still, the state I was in after that session, maybe she was the one who was embarrased.... Nah!


Does the old custom of hanging a 'boot board' in the mess still prevail?

For all you 'skins' who don't know what I am gibbering about, a 'boot board' was a gallery of the worst gronks picked up by mess members. It was usually topped up after a grab a granny night at the Mecca in Pompey.


War Hero
Reminds of that old classic quote...

Beer, invented to enable ugly fat people to get laid.

That woman at the beginning of that clip was a heroin addict and the article was in the UK papers a couple of years ago. It showed her before she became addicted to heroin as a beautiful young girl and then the end picture as seen at start of clip, following several years of abuse. Such a shame really and just goes to show what that stuff does to the human body.
krip2454 said:
Does the old custom of hanging a 'boot board' in the mess still prevail?

For all you 'skins' who don't know what I am gibbering about, a 'boot board' was a gallery of the worst gronks picked up by mess members. It was usually topped up after a grab a granny night at the Mecca in Pompey.
I know it as a gronk board


War Hero
When I was a sprog my chief told me that there is no such thing as an ugly woman, some are just more attractive than others. My chief was a chief wafu so must have told me the truth. So I can truthfully say that I have never been out with an ugly woman.
He also told me that all reggies were bstds!
See wafu CPOs always tell the truth.
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