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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. I saw a beer advert on TV last night and it got me thinking about the Peter Kay adverts, they were classic! My fav is when he is booting his mum out;

    Peter Kay Beer Adverts

    I also remb a foster's advert with skippy, think it was Fosters, cracked me right up.

    If you were able to make a beer advert, who would it before and what would it involve?
  2. Free beer of course and plenty of it.
  3. Whatever I came up with, certainly wouldn't match or beat the "where do babies come from..." !!
    Classic !
  4. I remember the Greenall Witneys ones in the 70's.

    Very upsetting if you were going over seas as it had some bloke in the pub 'looking' after the other guys bird!

    'I wish I was in Greenal Witney land,where beer is cool and friends are warm, ' or something like that.
  5. You must remember GrunHalle Lager then ..... ? .... :pukel:

    I first tried it in some pub in Liverpool, I think called the 'Sports Bar' somwhere near Lime Street Station - I can remember a race car being fixed to the deckhead ?!

    Some of the Larger (as in Aussie speak) adverts by Paul Hogan (Croc Dundee) being humorous.

  6. John Smiths ad from 70's

    Two groups of men enter a pub ( Winning Post in York) , reaching the bar at the same time and placing their order at the same time....

    ''Four pints of John Smith's'' they say in unison

    Leader of first group...''You'll let us go first won't the lads, we bin workin up in't arctic an wen yer in yer bed at nite, al yer dream abaht is Yorkshire, an a decent pint a John Smiths

    Leader of second group...''But we bin werkin down south''

    Leader of first group...''afta you lads , the needs it mor then us''
  7. showing my age? peter cook and dudley moore doing the watney's adverts. watneys brown drink it down. peter cooke was e l wistley , cant remember dudley moores monica.
  8. What was the name of the bloke in the Mackeson advert ;Looks good.tastes good and by jolly it does you good'

    Bernards something,he was in 'In which we serve'
  9. your showing your age as well now rod g, remember the advert but can't remember his surname . didn't he do the first set of everest double glazing adverts as well. with the feather dropping.
  10. Boddingtons, starring Melanie Sykes (or Jenny_D). I would be spreadeagled on a chaise longue, bollocky buff except for being covered in boddies froth. She would turn round to camera wiping creamy froth from her lips with the line "always get some head"......
  11. Bernard Miles?
  12. I think that was Ted Moult Babystew (God, I'm getting sad in my old age!)
  13. I knew someone would bite :thumright:
  14. Fosters ad

    Interior designer leaves client with a bare room save for a bog, TV and an armchair next to a beer fridge stocked with tinnies.

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