Beep test at the prnc and royal navy portal issues

Hi ive read a few posts saying there is a beep test at the prnc and a few saying its more formal than thi, can anyone tell me which is right please? My daughter goes to Hms collingwood soon so would like to know what shes facing! Also shes having problems getting on to her navy portal, it has said the system is down for the past couple of days. Has anyone else had this? Im getting concerned incase shes missing anything!


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Re the portal, I would suggest that your daughter speak to her local Royal Navy Careers Advisor tomorrow, just to check what the situation is. She wouldn't want to miss important information.

Re the PRNC, you may find the following link helpful. I would put the question about the PRNC to the Careers Advisor too, though, just for clarification.

If you don't have the number for the AFCO to hand, have a look at this link and scroll down until you see
"Find your nearest Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO)".

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