Been at Raleigh 4 weeks

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by etme, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone. Dave, 20 and you can probably guess what my branch is by the original username I'm just finishing my fourth week tomorrow and still in the Raleigh challenge lol.

    Basic training isn't as hard as people make out. The only thing I've found pretty hard was the NMT WHT this week. The scrans not too bad. I'll say it's annoying when you get in Traf Galley 15 minutes late and all that’s left is chips and some food with chopped sausages, overheated baked beans etc left. But you just crack on and don't spit your dummy out over it.

    I'm not really missing home that much. My mess has already lost 4 people through PVR'ing or training extended. All in all the guys with me are a good laugh and don't really get wound up about anything and just joke about all the time. There are jocks, paddies, geordies, scouses and ginges in just my mess alone so a funny variety.

    I'm finding it pretty easy most of the time and don't struggle on many tests. The only thing that everyone fails on is staying awake to death by PowerPoint lectures. The type that the PO says ''s boring and you probably won't come across it being a (DSA, SM etc), but I have to teach you it anyway.' All I've got to do tomorrow is iron my bed sheets for Commodores' rounds on Monday morning and chill out down the swimming pool.

    If anyone is coming to Raleigh soon and wants to know anything or ask my opinion, feel free to message me or reply on this post. After reading this intro, sorry for the lack of enthusiasm lol, I'll go and eat my fourth meal now, a crappy 'Drink Fit Choko only 0.2% Fat!' yum yum! Tracker bars all the way!

    David :thumright:
  2. I see nothing much has changed from when I was there all those moons ago.

    You sound as if you're enjoying it so good luck with the rest of your training.
  3. That's the attitude. It's not as hard as it's made out to be and it gets better. Your mates get closer and you talk to them about things you wouldn't even tell the mrs, you get to trust them and they trust you.
    The nutty continues from either the onboard naafi or cox'ns rip off (depending if you up or down).

    There is NO pvr at Raleigh, just pillocks, they should at least wait to see what it is all really about before going back to chav.

    Anyway - well done and keep it up.
  4. Thanks for taking time out to let us all know what it's like! :thumright:

    What does PVR'ing and training extended mean? How physically demanding has the training been so far, and I'm curious to know whether people are attending maths and enlgish revision lessons which I hear the run in preperation for the NMAET(sp?).

    I'll be at Raleigh not this Sunday buy next Sunday!
  5. Afternoon,

    Just going into week 3 - probably bumped into you David, what division? Cornwell here (the best ofc!). Spent a couple of hours at the pool today too, quite a chilled day. Went out of the Raleigh challenge last night thought.

    Raleigh isn't as hard is some people think, just keep your head down, mouth closed and crack on - the days drag but weeks fly.

    As for Commodore's rounds - it's a PO kit muster for us on Monday, our first one, not looking forward to it!
  6. PVR premature voluntary release.

    Don't wory about your maths and english or any namet score (if you take that at Raleigh). There are loads of education facilities available to you, and you can increase your namet score in the years to come. You can even leave with a degree or two if you are that interested. Like being at Uni only get paid for it. How far you go is entirely up to you.
  7. Aye, cheers NotmeChief. There was one lad that seriously spat his dummy out and got a sick chit by week 2, getting off loads of drill and generally looking like a muppet. Complete stinking attitude. He got kicked out a while after. Another inside tip for people that genuinely don't want to carry on basic training is carry on till the PVR time comes up. That way you've held yourself together and not been a complete idiot making up crap, digging yourself a hole for a sick chitty that everybody knows is a complete lie. Why? Employers don't like the fact that they are about to employ someone that got kicked out of the Royal Navy for being an ignorant git. I've heard it's even hard to get a job for Tesco as soon as you get put on that 81 bus.

    One lad got the marksman badge given to him getting 50 out of 55 shots for the 100m range. He's PVR'ing because of being LOGS SC (Supply Chain now). He wanted to change to WS but they're not letting him so he's offski. Trying to get into the Police. It's a shame because he's a good lad. Just the way the cookie crumbles I suppose.

    With the trust you get with your oppos too. It's like big bro in the way everyones non stop next too you, chatting about the Raleigh challenge or what the next detail is. You learn how far you can push you oppo before you get thrown in the shower with a shit load shaving gel on your head. Pranks 24/7 until a boy cried wolf and the PO comes up to your mess saying where the feck is .... did you not hear my pipe? etc :) Gossip is proper chinese whispers too. Aparrently the other day I tried having a threesome with some chic at Pier Cellars? lol. All good shizzle :bball:
  8. Don't ever deny those type of rumour - just give them a knowing smile and say nowt.
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    "Never complain, never explain". Credited to many (Hemingway, Wallis Simpson, Disraeli, Henry Ford)

  10. PO kit muster isn't worth sweating over, if they see you genuinely made an effort and havent left any fluff on your clothes it should be no bother. I'm in Pellew by the way. I've heard you got plasma TV's in your rec room or is that Walker? Are you Cornwall 20 then? You probably already know Yogi then? What a legend... silly bastard! lol

    Helios, the training hasn't been too hard. I found the 2.4km run harder than the bleep test. I got 11.3 on bleep and 10.23 with 2.4km so I'm pretty chuffed with that. I think I had to get 9.3 on the bleep and 11.03 to pass. This stage in the traiing anyway. Just get good at press ups and sit ups. If you can try and do lots of core work if you can. Some people in week 1 went away to do some maths and english tests, I didn't so I can't comment on how hard it was. I think you'll only do that if you dont have something like 3 GCSE's grade A* to C including English and Maths.
  11. I take it 'Extended Training' is what used to be back classed, but what is NMT WHT?
  12. Guns and things! Urrrrgh!

    Don't do muskets. Being a flatback pinky I prefer fluffy pillows and bunk light off switches.
  13. I used to like bang sticks, they even used to let me play with them on occasion.
  14. They get to play with guns?

    I want to go back in....
  15. mmm mk8 thunder flash now that's a toy for the under 10's :)

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