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Discussion in 'RFA' started by Jay92, Apr 16, 2015.

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  1. Had my interview yesterday for the systems engineer officer and been accepted pending HNC+Security Check. It wasn't too bad, however i was nervous lol glad they could see through it. The only course they have pinned down at the moment seems to be the 5 months at HMS Sultan starting in january, the 8 weeks at BRNC i will also attend but i'm unaware of when.

    A few questions...

    What's the security check like? how deep do they dig? would a non custodial sentence as a minor show or need to be declared (I was about 16-17 and got a drunk and disorderly, now im 22)

    What are the courses like?

    Anyone on here recently been accepted for SE?

    Thanks i look forward to meeting you all :)
  2. Re: SC - declare everything. Regardless of whether or not it is "spent" under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.
  3. I'm 52, and got my interview on 12th May.

    What sort of questions will they be asking..?

    Com'on, spill the beans..!
  4. Knowledge of the RFA,
    Team working,
    Pros and cons of delegation

    Did they send you the interview format? it follows the structure of that very closely, and the technical questions are tailored to the person, since i have no practical experience it was quite short for me, only really talked about HV& LV and fault finding, more about what i have been doing in classes at uni.

    Hope this helps, they are also very relaxed btw. Told me to take my tie off straight away because it was roasting lol

  5. They don't tell you and presumably no one knows apart from the people that need to. But if you don't declare everything, they will find it anyway and you will be seen as untrustworthy I guess...
  6. I have found honesty is the best policy with them, as expected. Albeit my problem was not to do with any convictions but it was something that could have derailed my application.
  7. I got accepted for SE in January and after passing the security check and medical my contract started in march.

    Been told there's a few training courses currently being sorted out including the 8 weeks at brnc, I've also been told that I'll be doing a 5 month course in January but that's the only date I've been given.

    so far I've been on pay for nearly 2 months without doing a thing :)
  8. ggg

    ggg Midshipman

    Do you need to do the RFA AIB for Systems Engineer if u have an HNC?
  9. Apparently not, it was just a 45 min interview for me. Sounds like what i've been told Quinn73. Nearly finished HNC now but won't get grades till jun-jul and also just started my SC, praying it goes though lol hopefully see you on sultan!
  10. ggg

    ggg Midshipman

    Ive applied for the Systems Engineer cadetship, so ill need to do the AIB. Ive also applied for a HNC Electrical Engineering as a back up. What HNC are you on? Do you know how long and what training you need to do, to get qualified as a Systems Engineer?
  11. My HNC is in electrical/electronic engineering, thats all i needed. I mentioned in the interview i have zero practical experience and they seemed happy enough with my theoretical knowledge. Good luck, it makes more sense to me to do your qualifications whilst getting paid and gaining experience, I wish i did it that way! I don't know how much the RFA HNC differs to a standard university qualification though
  12. ggg

    ggg Midshipman

    Where I am from a HNC (Higher National Certificate) is not a university qualification. It is the second year of college. Is your HNC like a degree then? How many years did u do to gain the qualification? I'm away out a run this morning lol, working on my fitness for BRNC basic training.
  13. Its a HE course from teesside uni, although it is taught at middlesbrough college, its classed as in between a level 3 and a degree from what i understand. A two year course covering 8 year long modules, the top up HND is another two years.

    Is there much fitness to be done? I thought there was no fitness with the RFA, or if there was it wasn't assessed. Cheers
  14. ggg

    ggg Midshipman

    From what I've read u need to be at a decent fitness level. At BRNC u don't need to pass the 1.5 mile run but if u don't pass it they will make u do it every day untill the end of the 8 weeks basic training lol.

    Did you need to pass the RT (psychometric test) before you got an interview date?
  15. nope it was just the 45 min interview. I best start doing some fitness then lol aint been to the gym in years ha
  16. ggg

    ggg Midshipman

    Ha definitely, what training do you need to do through the RFA then to become fully qualified as a Systems Engineer? Do u know how long the training takes? Doing a HNC through college then applying for the RFA definitely seems like a better route.
  17. I dont know the route from cadetship, but compared to the information online and my own progress it seems the process is very different
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  18. I dont know the cadet route, but compared to the information online and my own progress I think a lot of it is outdated info and the joining process has changed quite some.
  19. Got an electrical HNC or above? Join as a Third Officer, do a bit of 'conversion' training and mandatory courses then off to sea. Possibly BRNC too. There is some flexibility with this method of entry depending upon previous experience.

    Joining as a cadet? AIB, BRNC and a three years combo of college and sea time. Emerge with an ETO Certificate of Competence and a HNC/HND or Foundation Degree. Then become a Third Officer. This route is more rigid.

    A new RFA Training Officer started at BRNC in January, so all bets are off as to the exact course content, but I find it highly unlikely that you'll be doing the 1.5 mile run every day - it's a busy schedule and you do not need to pass it (though it doesn't require a superhuman effort to pass and a good standard of fitness will help with the demands of the relatively intense course).
  20. ggg

    ggg Midshipman

    Can anyone advise on the security clearance?
    I have a drugs possession conviction from 3 years ago, it was not a supply charge just possession. It is the only time I have been charged and had to appear at court. However I have friends and family who I grew up with, who have drugs supply convictions. Would this effect the security clearance? even though my conviction was a possession? I fear I have been associated with the wrong type of people. I know none of this sounds good atall, I feel ashamed about it. Since my conviction I have stayed clear of all old friends and family, I have not been in trouble with the police since. I do not drink or take any drugs at all and would be happy to undertake any drug tests at any time.

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