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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by DavidK1983, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Been at Raleigh now for 3 and a bit weeks, and finally got a stand easy for using the computers!

    Passed the Drill exam today, which is another milestone checked off ... its been a lot more of a challenge than I anticipated!

    Still, best decision I ever made...
  2. Nice one. Keep going and soon you willl be awesome, just like us.

    Good luck with the rest of training.
  3. So you are loafing in the computer suite when you should be doing your kit or other useful things. Stop loafing, Big Brother is watching you.
  4. Off to PT right now...!
  5. We all loaf during stand easy. I used to smash about 5 tabs in (especially before PT). It just so happens that they have an IT suite these days.
  6. I always thought that Standeasy's were for Automat Love. :)
  7. That's what church is for, and duties. :p
  8. Thanks for the update David, keep them coming if you can. I'm dreading Raleigh! By the way, what's 'stand easy'?
  9. tea break in civvy street
  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's what you do after standing at ease. However, keep an ear out as soon you will hear the precautionary word of command and you will have to brace up and show the movement.... oops, sorry. Wrong colour. It's brew a clock.
  11. I'm probably right to think there won't be much 'stand easyness' going on once in Raleigh... if that even makes any sense..
  12. You get 15 mins to have a cuppa and a couple of tabs, morn and aft.
  13. You will get stand easys each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, but you don't normally have too much time to do much in them at Raleigh to be honest.
  14. Ok, now I'm really going to sound daft. "Tabs"?? Is this to keep the younger members happy?
  15. Another stand easy, thats two this week! Tabs = dirty smokers. Just got back from Piers Cellars, it was the best thing we've done since getting here, really great time. and we won the first lot of Ganges Points. Not so great trying to repair the boots.

    We go on leave in 5 days, I'm in two minds about whether its a good thing, but seeing as we sent away with free travel, a payment to tide us over til the end of the month and a successful 4 weeks behind us, cant bring myself to see the bad side of anything!
  16. By 7 seconds my son! And that was only due to penalties due to our lads swearing :wink:

    Well nurse those points Dave and nurse em well cos they are the only ones you lot are getting lol.
  17. Flemin el, why are you going on leave? And how long for? I thought they tried to kill you slowly at Raleigh! Not let you out on bail??
  18. Bail ?, never heard that word before, is it some scouse language that the rest of the country knows nuttin about. :)
  19. Don't worry "tuts", you'll get plenty at Collingrad and beyond. Trust me.
  20. How is it going in the Fleet B2B ?,now that you are out of training and doing the job.

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