Bedding and the Iron (Not a newbie fest)

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Rumrat, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Spin off from a statment Sumo just made in another thread.
    My War Office always irons the sheets pillow cases and duvet set. I always did when |I was on my own.
    Her sister says its a waste of time and sheets do not need ironing. Who agrees, should they be ironed or not?
  2. As long as they are clean and not unduly wrinkled, why bother?
  3. Submariners can ad lib if they want as we know many will be asking "Whats a sheet"
  4. For what reason do they need to be ironed?
  5. So now I know I'd sleep in your bed.
    Still got that little black dress?^_~
  6. The bloke I hot bunked with always starched our sleepingbag
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  7. Stokers everywhere will never live this down..................................
    on JICE course July 70 @ Sultan, half way through course we are moved to new mess block and in a 6 man mess, 5 of our class and one spare bed. Couple of days later a bloke takes the spare bed, has his own iron, spray starch and shit, the cunt only irons his shreddies.....starches them too. On the up-side he insisted on doing all the mess cleaning.
  8. I Can safely say, I was not that stoker! However, if you were to ask me if I was 'Sparticus'...;-P
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  9. Bedding lovely ironed if she does it which she does. That said if I was a single Viking again, then would I fuck.
  10. When i was between marriages I didn't use my bedding.
  11. Didn't realise you needed bedding in hedgerows!
  12. A sheet is what you have when you're relief's late and your touching cloth, not all us submariners are fick dontcha know.
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  13. You don't mate but a shags a shag wherever you get it. Then when we went home it was always to her place.
    I was in a lane with a bird one night she was dressed as a tart and I as a monk complete with friar tuck type wig.
    I was diggin out like fuck as she lay sprawled legs akimbo over the bonnet, and three fuckin cars came by one behind the other. Horns blaring lights flashing and then silence as they saw father Ignacius blessing one of his congregation.
  14. When we have done exploring the ins and outs of ironing your, my little pony duvet and pillowcase set how about a thread on makeup tips for lady skimmers.
  15. Don't be coy if YOU want tips lets get down to the nitty gritty.
    I can show you in a flash how to make your eyes black.
    You only then need to do your lippy, that should be no problem.
    I only mention that as wrecks told me about you being lippy, oh hang on did I get that right?
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  16. I've got a tip you can have, its got one eye and purple lips
  17. I couldn't find it without a magnifying glass and tweezers.
    I've seen your cock, its like a prick only smaller.
    Don't fret though wrecks got his out and the fuckin budgie fell off the perch laughing.
  18. That's your myopia kicking in, everything is to scale. It was a pterodactyl standing on a 'kin great branch eyeing me up thinking I'd unleashed a purple headed python.
  19. Get it out were off fishin, thats if we can get a hook through it, it's touch and go if the hook aint thicker.
    But I do agree yes there were pterodactyl about when you were a nipper.
    Old twat.

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