Becoming a Royal Marine Commando with a degree...

Hi samo:

Over here in Canada, we've been advocating for a few decades the importance of education to both the NCMs and Officer Corps. Hence increased levels of academic support for all CF members. Back in 1997, it was noted that only 53% of our Officer Corps had degrees.

What we are experiencing here, is a noticable increase of the number of degree and college diploma NCMs who are joining. As well as seeing an increase in the number of NCMs gaining their degrees while serving.

Our Military College was one of the first degree granting institutions to offer distance learning for all CF members no matter where they were serving. (The USMC has been following our lead for years in setting up a similar program)

There has also been a move within the Officer Corps to seek post graduate degrees amongst the senior officers. A PG degree goes a long way on the career profile when making the jump from a junior officer to senior in where you land on the merit list.

Here's an article on Soldier/Scholar written by B Horn. I think you'll be able to spot the emerging trends in who is joining with what.

I realise that the UK and especially the Booties, will view education quite differently, but this might give you an idea where the rest of the world is heading.

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