Becoming a PTI

Hey guys, I been doing some research about being a PTI and it is definitely something I'm intrested in. What would be the best way to get into it and when do I tell them now? Phase 1 or phase 2? Or once I have completed basic training? I start phase one 1st Feb 2015 so don't want to do something that will push ny date back as I have been waiting a long time.
PTI in the RN is a sideways entry branch, that is to say you need to be recommended for promotion to LH (not necessarily in your original branch) before you can be selected.

You need to be an AB1 in your source branch before formally applying, however, expressing an interest once you are in your first full job can't harm you. Remember, consistency of dedication is important, as is doing very well on your PTI aptitude once you are in that position.
Personally think I'm quite good got good knowledge of it all aswell. That's not too bad then thank you.
Of being a Warfare Specialist?

Or do you mean how long would it take to become a PTI post-PTI course? If the latter, you'll become an LPT the day you pass course. You'll then go straight to your first assignment as a PTI.
No a pti like the anatomy and nutrition ect. Oh haha that's even better then. I guess I will see how I like being a WS first cause may really enjoy that and not want to change.

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