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beckham at training with united


Lantern Swinger
Becks and Giggsy are training with the rest of the lads at United, when Fergie comes over and says "I have an important meeting to go to, you carry on and I will see you here on Thursday"
"All right boss is the reply"
30 minutes later Giggsy says to Becks, come on the boss has gone, lets go and play some golf. Not a problem says Becks. They arrange to meet at the course. Becks heads off to get his clubs. When he gets to Beckingham Palace he notices Fergies car in the drive. He sneaks upstairs to get his clubs and there is Posh on all fours gettin the bigun from Fergie. Ever resourceful our hero tiptoes into the room whilst Posh is having a grand old time. He gets his clubs then makes for the course.
Thursday comes round and again Fergie says he has an important meeting and to carry on. Giggsy says to Becks lets sneak off again.
Becks says...........

and this has been worth waiting for.....

No I nearly got caught last time!!!!!
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