Beckett: "We would do it [Iraq] all again"


Foreign Secretary Beckett was asked by BBC's Andrew Marr this morning if, with the benefit of hindsight and knowing all that the government now knows about Iraq, would they still have invaded in 2003. She answers with an unequivocal 'Yes'.

Am I being obtuse here but was the invasion designed to counter a threat of deployed WMD, allegedly deployable within 45 minutes, or not? Did the govt not make great play of the 'searching for a diplomatic solution' scenario in Jan and Feb 03. Were they really ? B*ll*cks were they. Because if the government knew then what they know now, that there was no WMD, why would they want to invade unless there was some other and longer held purpose. Like backing that half wit in the Whitehouse.

3000 US deaths, over 100,000 Iraqi civilian deaths and over 100 British Armed Forces dead ... and she would do it all again. This is how much our government cares about us in the Armed Forces

The obvious inability of this government to learn from and accepts its mistakes (Iraq, Immigration, Prescott, 7/7 [nothing to do with Iraq according to PM], Spin etc etc) scares the hell out of me.

What a bunch of w*n*e*s.


War Hero
The people involved in controlling our lives seem to have little value for them, acting as if we are toys and disposable. In many responsible positions, before being accepted for a position, applicants are required to undergo a psychological test. I wonder if politicians are made to do this. I doubt it because I'm sure many would fail. Equally, are they checked for any criminal records, once again I doubt it.Seems to me some of the pollies are unfit for the task of running the country but what to do about it is the problem.



Lantern Swinger
What's this "we" white woman? Last time I checked, the number of British MP's killed in Iraq was: 0.
Politicians are very brave when noone is shooting at them. They are always willing to risk other people lives.
We should bring back limited conscription; if you become an MP, your son or daughter is drafted. Lets see how keen these cnuts are to start wars when it will be THEIR children in the firing line.


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Lets face it, we will always be the pawns in any similar situation. That is the reason I loved the 'Two Tribes' video by Frankie Goes to Hollywood back in 1984. Be great to see Blair, Bush and their 'enemies' slugging it out in a bearpit. I would even pay to watch it. In fact, scrub paying for it, I would get in a twat Toady Liar myself.


dunkers , of course it would'nt be justified , makes me sick the fxxxxxxg lot of them , they would be the first to be sent , what a pile of shite they've got our boy's into , and with the bloody human rights lawyers watching there every move , fxxxxxxg parisites :evil: :twisted:
dondon said:
dunkers , of course it would'nt be justified , makes me sick the fxxxxxxg lot of them , they would be the first to be sent , what a pile of shite they've got our boy's into , and with the bloody human rights lawyers watching there every move , fxxxxxxg parisites :evil: :twisted:
Anybody watch question time Thursday night?? Human rights lawyer on, that is one job that is a job for life is it not. Silly little girl in the audience stated those poor souls who cannot be deported when they rape and murder for fear of being killed back home are after all human beings. Silly girl get back to your mummy!!

Frederick Forsyth [think I got his name right] I think was the best on that show spoke more sense than any of those politicians.

Gormless face Beckett is a typical career politician. Just put the wreath on the grave in November and make it look like you care.

When in life we make mistakes we make sure next time we don't!! Unless you are a politician of course. Then the phrase "lessons have been learned" crops up all the time. Usually when somebody has lost there life or zillions have been wasted.

Beckett always makes me think of the phrase "lend me your face while I go ratting"

Yes I like the word "WE" especially coming from somebody who has never put on a uniform.


Saw her on Question Time last month, what a load of old bollox. She was bobbins! And now she can decide our foreign policy too! Good help us!


Lantern Swinger
What do you call a hundred politicians chained together and thrown into the sea?
A good start.
I see Blair - or Satan, as I prefer to call him - was visiting the troops in Iraq today.
Never a suicide bomber when you really, really want one...
Yes Freddie Forsyth is Right Wing all right or Centre or Left Wing depending how far to the right you are yourself.
Ahh Beckett face like a Bag of Spanners indeed, probably the only way to stop Prescott shagging the Foreign Secretary.


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What I cannot understand with the Prescott shagging theory is why ANY women would admit to having that fat usless lump humping her.

Aaahh, hang on. Money for her exclusive story to the tabloids, sussed it now. ;-)

Makes me think of that old joke...

"Do ya mind if I turn the light off love?"

"Why? Am I that ugly!"

"No, the light bulb is burning me arse"

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