Beckam Retires


War Hero
Are we talking about the bloke that shagged the woman that wanks pigs and is married to a pig that sings **** songs?

If so I'm intrigued, what happened in 1998/9
Perhaps I know more about football than I thought.

Sent off against Argentina in World Cup in 1998 and Man Utd's extra time come back in the 1999 Champions League final are 2 of a very small list of football memories that I have. I was in the Jolly Sailor in Southsea (towards the end of PWO course) for the first, and a pub in Cheltenham (having driven up to go to RAF Innsworth) for the second.
As footballers go I find David to be one of the more acceptable faces of the game, he has shown his support for our Armed Forces and does lots of good charity work.

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